Belle Plaine Council met Oct 23

Belle Plaine, Iowa

October 23, 2019

The Belle Plaine City Council met on October 23, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers with Mayor Dave Fish presiding. Present: Judy Schlesselman, Mary Pech, Mark Tegeler and Mitch Malcolm.  Also present City Clerk Jacki McDermott and City Attorney Jennifer Zahradnik. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Pech to approve the consent agenda consisting of Council Minutes from October 16, 2019, with the correction that “Peach” be changed to “Pech,” the Council Minutes from October 2, 2019 and the Council Minutes from October 9, 2019, and bills received, seconded by Malcolm.  On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried.

Residents Comments:  None.

Mayor Dave Fish cancelled the nuisance complaint extension for Carla Frimml because the 1998 Chevy Truck is moved.  Speaking for James Kalina, he asked for an extension to the nuisance complaint at 1308 3rd Avenue for a large amount of junk all over the property because he is evicting the renter and selling the property and it is the renter’s son’s junk.  Malcolm made a motion, seconded by Schlesselman to grant that extension.  On roll call, all voted Aye.  Motion carried. 

Morgan Mitchell from Belle Plaine Community Development gave a report about the recent activities. She attended the Main Street Iowa Conference today in Jefferson, Iowa.  BPCDC participated in the Homecoming Parade on October 3rd and announced the parade using the sound system.  On October 9th, she attended an ICR Corridor meeting at the renovated hotel in Amana where they discussed hemp opportunities and synchronist surveys.  On October 17th, there was a Byways meeting at the Belle Plaine Area Museum, with members attending from the Lincoln Byways group and the Iowa Valley Scenic Byways group.  They toured Main Street, stopped in at Drahos Shoes, went to the Sound Park and to Preston’s Corner.  Lunch was catered by The Catering Shop.  On October 18th, BPCDC held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Miracle Ear, a new business downtown.  She did business visits with Independent Tech Solutions, JohnsonInsurance, O’Leary’s Office Tap, Cornerstone Apothecary and Wittrock T-Shirts.  Members of BPCDC were presenton September 26th when Governor Reynolds visited at Iowa Mold & Engineering, Kelly Plastics, Frontier Coop, and Remington Seeds.  

Upcoming events for Belle Plaine Community Development include Trunk or Treat in Belle Plaine on October 27th with a pumpkin decorating contest, costume contest, best decorated trunk and a picture opportunity with Your Memories Photography by Abbi Garling.  Holiday Homecoming will be held on November 30th with the added feature of a festival of trees and the soup supper and Santa’s workshop switching spots.  They will have totes, stickers, pens and Shop Small swag for Shop Small Saturday on November 30th.  

When a neighboring community visited, they discussed problems with the bio-cells and suggested a solution might be using fiberglass stakes in the bio-cells so citizens can see them in the wintertime.  Stakes will be bought and placed in the bio-cells.

Chief Kris Hudson gave the Police Report.  He has advertised on the Indeed website today for a police position.  He also passed out a dispatch activity report for September.

The City Clerk presented the 2019 Annual Financial Report to the Council and the City Budget Report for September.  The City Treasurer’s Report is postponed until next meeting.  

Matt Miller was present to ask for a reduction in the amount of four mowing charges of $900 on a property he bought to rehabilitate at 1513 3rd Avenue.  Motion by Pech, seconded by Schlesselman to split the bill 50/50 with Matt.  On roll call, all voted Aye.  Motion carried

Motion by Schlesselman, seconded by Malcolm to approve the second reading of Ordinance #62: an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, by amending the provisions pertaining to traffic regulations.  On roll call, all voted Aye.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Pech, seconded by Tegeler to waive the third reading of Ordinance #62: an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, by amending the provisions pertaining to traffic regulations.  On roll call, all voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Ordinance #62 will become law upon publication and will allow the fine money that is collected for tickets written on the Code of Ordinances of the City of Belle Plaine to go to the City not the State of Iowa.  

The Mayor informed the Council that the DOT has denied the Traffic Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) grant application to update the 7th Avenue school crossing sign.  The Mayor will be contacting Iowa State Senator Tim Kapucian to protest this action, as well as looking into what will be the City’s next action.  

The Committee of the Whole discussed the Business Incentive Grant program funding and will be looking for new guidelines on that program from Belle Plaine Community Development.  The Mayor also mentioned that ECICOG has asked if Belle Plaine would like to be a pilot program for composting.  The council asked that he ask the ECICOG representative to present more information to the council at a November meeting. 

Motion by Pech, seconded by Schlesselman to approve Resolution 19-10-02: a resolution Establishing a Water Project Fund.  On roll call, all voted Aye.  Motion carried. 

The Mayor gave the Council an update on the Administrator search.  Emails have been sent to everyone who applied.  Stephen Beck has been hired and will receive $43 for cell phone allowance and $200 car allowance.  He also will receive one week paid vacation and one week unpaid vacation in his first year.  

He told the Council that the house tear down on 7thAvenue has been completed by Hatch Grading and Excavating.

Resident comments:  None.

Correspondence: The Mayor showed the Council a Bridge Inspection Report that he received.  All bridges in town are in good shape for two to eight years.

Old Business:  None.    

Motion by Tegeler to enter into closed session per Iowa Code 21.5 (1) (c):  to discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent where its disclosure would be likely to prejudice or disadvantage the position of the governmental body in that litigation, seconded by Malcolm, at 6:30 p.m.  On roll call vote, Tegeler, Malcolm, Pech and Schlesselman all voted aye.  Motion carried.  The minutes and the tape recording of the closed session will be available for public examination when the transaction discussed is completed.

Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Malcolm to come out of closed session at 7:48 p.m.  On roll call vote, Malcolm, Pech, Tegeler, and Schlesselman all voted aye. 

Motion by Pech to have legal counsel continue with action, seconded by Tegeler.  On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

Motion by Tegeler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Malcolm.  On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

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