BP school board had meeting on October 16; discusses facility use

Belle Plaine Longfellow Elementary

Belle Plaine, Iowa

October 16, 2019

A meeting of the Belle Plaine Community School District Board of Education was held on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 6:45 p.m. in the board room at Longfellow Elementary, Belle Plaine.

Members Present: Marie Stratford, Mike Bachelder, Rima Johnson

Val Coffman, Brad Cook

Members Absent: None

Administration Present: Chad Straight, Heather Coover, Todd Werner

Board Secretary Present: Stacey Kolars

Visitors Present: Interested Patrons

Press Representative: None

The meeting was called to order by President Stratford at 6:45 p.m.


Motion Cook, second Coffman to approve the agenda with the addendum items to be added to the Business Items as Business Item number eleven and twelve. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.


Lance Hinschberger requested to address Business Items #8 and #9. Derek Beal asked to speak about a couple items not on the agenda and did so.


There was motion by Bachelder second by Johnson to approve the consent agenda items. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried. The consent agenda items that were approved are listed below:

  1. Approval of the minutes of the September 18, 2019 meeting.
  2. Approval of bills, payroll, financial statements.
  3. Personnel/Business Items:
  4. Acceptance of the resignations: There were no resignations.

PRINCIPAL REPORTS-Secondary Principal, Todd Werner and Elementary Principal, Heather Coover gave their respective reports to the board.


Superintendent Straight gave his report to the board regarding football numbers in the conference, and certified enrollment numbers, and the Plainsmen mascot that would be used for the new signs,


President Stratford observed that the construction of the bus shelter at the Lincoln building has begun.


  1. Approval of the Employment of Personnel-There was motion by Cook, second by Bachelder to approve the employment of Hannah Kramer for cook at four hours per day, and Elizabeth Hartgrave for cook at three hours per day. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

2. Focus on Education: Elementary Project Lead the Way – Gina Miller gave a presentation to the board showing students participating in the new Project Lead the Way program at the elementary level that we received a grant for teacher training and some supplies to start..

3. Action/Discussion on Moving Natural Gas Expense to a Trust-There was motion by Cook, second by Coffman to approve Superintendent Straight’s recommendation to move the district’s natural gas expenses to a trust enabling the district to pay natural gas expenses out of the Management Fund instead of the General Fund. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

4. Discussion of IASB Conference and Workshop – Superintendent Straight requested anyone wanting to attend the annual IASB Conference to please let Stacey know. The annual meeting is scheduled for the 21st of November, 2019.

5. Action/Discussion on Changing School Board Meeting Date in November- Superintendent Straight explained the canvass of votes for the school board election would not be distributed to the school district until after the date of the regularly scheduled board meeting, so rescheduling the November board meeting date would be necessary. There was motion by Johnson, second by Bachelder to approve changing the November board meeting date to Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 6:45 p.m. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

6. Review Disaggregated Data by Class-The board reviewed student information by attendance center and course enrollment data disaggregated by race, national origin, gender, and disability.

7. Action/Discussion on Bus Bids-Max Leonard submitted two bids for buses #9-2005 Bluebird, and #4-02-2002 Thomas Freightliner bus. The bid was for $500 for each bus. There was motion by Cook, second by Coffman to approve the bus bids from Max Leonard. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

8. Action/Discussion on the Second Reading of Facility Use Policy 905.1– Discussion took place regarding the second reading of Facility Use Policy 905.1. After discussion, there was motion by Cook, second by Bachelder to approve the second reading of the Facility Use Policy, 905.1 All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

9. Action/Discussion of Administrative Rules for Facility Use – Superintendent Straight is creating the administrative rules for facility use to formalize what we are currently doing with facilities use and gave the board a first draft to review and give input on. Parks and Recreation Director, Lance Hinschberger asked questions regarding if there would be changes in current partnering for use of facilities between the school and the city. Discussion took place regarding prioritizing users, past practice, fees and the waiving of fees.

10. Action/Discussion on Early Graduation Requests – There was motion by Johnson, second by Cook to approve the early graduation of the following students pending the students meeting all graduation requirements: Zachary Gulick; Keagan Schwab; and Taylor Plumb. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

11. Addendum Item: Action/Discussion on Purchasing a Wrestling Mat – Superintendent Straight recommended the board approve a bid from Resilite Sports in the amount of $12,627.36 for a new wrestling mat. There was motion by Bachelder, second by Johnson to approve the bid for a new wrestling mat with some flexibility on final cost. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

12. Addendum Item: Action/Discussion on Application to SBRC for Modified Allowable Growth for Open Enrolled Out Not on Fall 2018 –

Superintendent Straight recommended the board approve the application to SBRC for open enrolled out students that were on the Fall 2019 Certified Enrollment but not on the Fall 2018 Certified Enrollment. Superintendent Straight recommended the board approve the maximum amount of $47,152.00. There was motion by Cook, second by Coffman to approve the SBRC application for modified allowable growth for open enrolled students not on the Fall 2018 Certified Enrollment for the maximum amount of $47,152. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

There was motion by Coffman, second by Cook to adjourn the meeting at 7:53 p.m. All voted, “aye.” Motion carried.

Marie Stratford, Board President Stacey Kolars, Board Secretary

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