Benton County Warranty Deeds – Jan. 6-10, 2020

Jan. 6, 2020

Larry G. and Theresa Hagen convey to Joel and Dawn Thys, real estate in Parcel B, 13-82-11.

Duane F. Johnson and Marilyn J. Johnson, trustees, Duane F. and Marilyn J. Johnson Revocable Trust, convey to Performance Systems LC, real estate in Lots 4 and 5, Block 2, West Vinton.

Collins Community Credit Union conveys to Sarah Renee Hummel, real estate in Lots 5, 8, 6 and 7, Block 14, Tilford’s Additon to South Vinton.

Cedar Ridge Homes Inc. conveys to Kevin and Lisa Rotter, real estate in Parcel A, Lot 7, Ridgeview Seventh Addition, Atkins.

Jan. 7, 2020

Jeffrey H. and Linda Counter convey to Jennifer Schoettmer, real estate in Lots 13 and 14, Block 4, Newhall.

Jan. 8, 2020

Pamela B. and Richard A. Primmer convey to Joshua B. Tipton and Jessica K. Noren, real estate in Lot 9, Evans Third Addition, Vinton.

Jan. 9, 2020

Richard A. and Marilyn L. Wells, and Brian D. and Amy M. Wells convey to Brian D. and Amy M. Wells, real estate in Lot 1, Block 4, and Lot 4, Block 2, Belle Plaine.

Marilyn Purdy Estate, Chad A. Purdy and Andrea L. Philyaw, co-executors, convey to Chad and Sheila Even, real estate in Parcel A, 8-86-12.

Jan. 10, 2020

Linda Nowotny conveys to Stonebrook Homes LLC, real estate in Lots 6, 15, 16 and 17, Roots First Addition, Blairstown.

Glen Brian Geiger conveys to Justin Werning, Lot 1, Perkinson First Addition, 29-86-10.

Gloede Construction Go. conveys to Michael Nelson Tompkins and Nancy Lee Tompkins, real estate in Lot 8, Block 45, Tilford’s Second Addition to South Vinton, 21-85-10.

Benjamin P. and Madison A. Wilson convey to Lydia A. and Tairk J. Goken, real estate in Parcels A and B, 12-84-12.

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