BC school board to have Zoom meeting on March 23

  • Benton Community School Board meeting – date change
    • ​Changed to March 23, 6:00 p.m. 
    • This meeting will be held virtually using a speaker phone– originated from Benton Community Central Office at 304 1st Street, Van Horne, IA  – as per Iowa Code Section 21.8 which permits a governmental body to conduct a meeting by electronic means.


  • The meeting will be held virtually  using the online virtual audio conferencing tool – Zoom
  • Helpful videos on how to join a Zoom meeting using your cell phone, telephone, or computer
  • The Zoom link will be posted here soon for joining the Board meeting using your computer or telephone to receive the live audio.  
  • For the Public Hearing regarding the 2020-21 School Calendar, patrons can make comment by using the Zoom link and audio feature.  

Notice of the meeting:

  • Meeting location – 304 1st Street, Van Horne, IA
  • A physical meeting space will be made available at Central Office if patrons elect to attend in person and want to listen to the audio stream of the meeting.  The school district asks that you maintain a 6′ social distance from other patrons.  
  • Or patrons can use the link to the audio stream to listen to the meeting.  
  • If you have questions, please call the Benton Community School Central Office at 319-228-8701

Meeting minutes:

  • Statement will be made at the start of the meeting indicating the reason why the meeting is being held electronically — due to heightened public health risks.
  • Meeting minutes will be taken and published for this meeting. 


  • March 16 to April 12, 2020 — NO SCHOOL
  • Any future closures will be announced.  Please check your voicemail, email, Facebook and our web page.  Thank you

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