Land use changes, building bids approved for Benton County

VINTON – Land use changes, transportation building and technology to allow streaming of meetings were some of the topics for the Tuesday, March 24, meeting of the Benton County Board of Supervisors, in Vinton.

Land use

A land use hearing was held for Justin and Stacy DeMoss for Parcel A, Section 25, Leroy Township. They are building a new home and building. There was an old mobile home on the property, which was removed. An apartment was put in its place. They would like to build a new home and keep the apartment. It was approved unanimously.

A land use hearing was held for Kevin and Deb Kacena for land in Section 34, Harrison Township. They are planning to build a wedding venue event barn. The parcel is 20 acres. It is on the south side of 150, north of Vinton. Part of the parcel is being used as a pumpkin farm and Christmas tree farm. They also plan a kitchen for a food business on the property. The land is not in production. The land use change was approved unanimously. Supervisor Richard Primmer said it was really good that they were investing in the county.

Transportation building

Bids were read and accepted for the Benton County Transportation Center. The bids are as follows:

  • $131,140 Atkins Lumber – (included drywall and doors, just not finishing of drywall)
  • $63,500 Starks – Labor to build it
  • $25,990 Edwards Plumbing
  • $37,960 Edwards Heating
  • $57,280 Wirtanen Concrete
  • $7,589.28 Pickering backhoe and sewer
  • $62,456 G & H Electric
  • $19,142 CV Insulation (for the better insulation)
  • $20,208 Infrastructure Technology Solutions

The total is $425,265.28.

Benton County Attorney David Thompson observed this is $100,000 more than what the courthouse cost. “Time marches on, doesn’t it?” Primmer added.

Other business

The meeting was held through ZOOM, which allows the public to hear and interact with the supervisors. They are working to set up live streams of the meetings. A link is planned for the county’s web site. Auditor Hayley Rippel said all counties are working to do this. The board discussed other ways to use the Mevo equipment needed for this.

A utility permit was approved for Poweshiek Water Association along US 30 corridor, between 14th Ave and 22nd Ave.

Work is starting on getting quotes for the Benton County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. Two companies submitted quotes, according to Benton County Emergency Management Director Scott Hansen. The board approved having Steve Meyer Consulting do the work. He has done the plans in the past. The quote is $12,000. Two Rivers Emergency Management submitted a quote of $22,000. The plan is updated every five years. Hansen will be project manager.

The board went into closed session for an update on COVID-19.

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