Van Horne Update – March 26

Greetings Van Horne Residents

Van Horne Mayor Marty Junge

Well the coronavirus outbreak is still growing and has now entered Benton County. We all probably knew that was eventually guaranteed. As most of you know the Cornerstone Apothecary has locked their door and you need to call to get service brought out the door to you. I never thought I would do a drug deal on Main Street, but I did and it worked great. Just a little humor.

As things progress, I know there are a lot of people concerned about the epidemic, and rightly so. Please don’t let it get too stressful for you, you need to remain positive in your thoughts and not let stress get you down. Stress is something that can drag down your immunity  system and you don’t need that at this time. Keep ordering your food to go in town and support your local businesses.

Hopefully this weather warms up next week and everybody can get outside and walk a little, I think that will make everyone feel a little better. Just remember to keep your six foot distance.

Thanks for your time , stay safe and healthy. Just one more thought something I read today: “Your Grandparents were called to war, your being asked to sit on the couch.” You can do this. Again a little humor.

Your Mayor Marty

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