Amy Edison

VINTON, IOWA—Amy Edison, Vinton resident, has been appointed to the Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) State Board as a citizen member. Edison’s term will begin in June 2020 and lasts three years.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds appointed Edison to the board; she was confirmed by the Iowa Senate. The ECI Board consists of 21 voting members—fifteen citizen members and six state agency members. The board also includes four state legislators—Representative Michael Bergan, Senator Claire Celsi, Senator Chris Cournoyer, and Representative Mary Mascher.

The ECI State Board promotes the vision for comprehensive early care, education, health, and human services systems in Iowa and provides oversight of state and local efforts.

Prior to moving to Vinton in 2017 with her husband Mike and three young children, Edison spent 16 years working as an actuary in Nebraska. Edison’s professional career involved pricing and evaluating the profitability of various insurance products.

Today Edison is a stay-at-home mom and an active member of her community, volunteering as a Vinton Public Library Board member and Benton County 100+ Who Care steering committee member, as well as a frequent volunteer at Tilford Elementary School where her children attend.

“I am excited to be a part of ECI knowing that I can have a positive impact on families with young children in our community and across the state.” Edison said.

ECI State Board member responsibilities include strategic planning, funding identification, guidance, tracking, and reporting the data on the ECI Results and Indicators as well as program data, advocacy, and public awareness of the importance of early childhood.

Board members also provide an annual report to the Governor, Iowa General Assembly, and other stakeholders on the needs of communities and on progress made toward achieving results as measured through the use of indicators and performance measures.

Through Early Childhood Iowa, every community in the state will develop the capacity and commitment for using local, informed decision making to achieve the following priorities for improving the quality of life for young children and their families:

  • Healthy children
  • Children ready to succeed in school
  • Safe and supportive communities
  • Secure and nurturing families
  • Secure and nurturing learning environments

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