Tara Hills – April Newsletter

Tara Hills Country Club 

Tara Hills Country Club

April Newsletter 

Greetings! What a way to start our season! I hope that each and everyone of you are healthy and safe at home. As the Board, Brett and I are adapting each day to the various mandates and restrictions, we are doing our best to accommodate you as our member and keep everyone of you healthy. We are doing our part in taking your health into consideration and hope we can get through this time and work together to curb infection. 

We ask that you please do not golf if you are sick, we do not want you to spread the infection. We don’t want you to put someone else at risk just to play the game. You know how you feel, and if you’re feeling the symptoms, please hold off for now. Golf will still be here when you get back! 

On April 1st we are adding a 3rd Port O John by the clubhouse. I will be going out and sanitizing as diligently as possible. Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use. Due to opening in April, I was unaware of the procedures and closings we would have. With that being said, I was not prepared or able to get my hands on any hand sanitizer for guests. I do however have disinfectant/sanitizer spray and wipes for carts, Port O Johns, money, food handling, etc. I will be taking all precautions very seriously. 

Upcoming Tournaments: I have posted the sign-up sheets for Over 50’s and Couples Tournaments. You can call or email me to sign-up. If we need to cancel any of these tournaments, I will email and post on Facebook page. I also update the calendar on our website daily. 

Dates Cancelled/Rescheduled: I have added the calendar to your email. You will see below in the highlighted areas what has been cancelled or rescheduled. We are hopeful to have the remaining events this month. 

Keystone Legion “100” Club Event: Again, we are hopeful to have this on April 17th, if we must reschedule, we will let all whom purchased a ticket know asap. If you need a ticket or would like more information on this event, please contact me in the clubhouse. 

Clubhouse: I will be making “to-go” meals for those interested while golfing. I will have a list of items at the window for you to chose from. At this time, it will be a limited selection. 

Will continue to have coolers, serve beer, liquor, pop, candy bars, chips and peanuts. Just need to order at the window or call me in the clubhouse! 

I would like to thank all the following volunteers who have had a part in the funding, remodel or construction of the clubhouse! 

Rich Less for all his extremely hard work, and countless hours spent on the project! He did a remarkable job! Without him leading the construction, this project would have not been done. 

Steve Allman for his countless volunteer hours as well with demo, clean up, staining, varnishing, and using all his wood shop expertise! 

Kerry Less for helping me decide on finishes, ordering, placements and so much, much more! 

Tim Touro for keeping an eye on the project by making sure we were meeting our deadlines, tracking our budget, and keeping everyone updated on the project with his informative emails! 

The Board: Tim Touro, Gary Kaiser, Kerry Less, Nancy Emanuel, Bill Boies, Ron Stewart, Ryan Junge, Jackie Seitz, and Gary Grabe for all their time spent over the winter months with emails, and meetings. 

So many members and some non-members had such a great part in this remodel. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing community we have at Tara Hills. 

Thank you for giving either a donation and/or volunteering your time! The clubhouse looks incredible and is an amazing addition to Tara Hills. The amount of room we have accumulated for members and guests to mingle, and the functionality for staff to provide a full service to you has exceeded our expectations! 

In no specific order I would like to thank all the individuals who had part in showing up and helping with the remodel! And please forgive me if I have mistakenly missed adding your name! 

Mike Less, Tim Casey, Howard Conrad, Jim Magdefrau, Brett Pace, Gary Kaiser, Bill Boies, Ron Stewart, Don Duncalf, George Hase, Makenna McManemy, Ron Woeste, Bob Angerman, Al Walters, Adam Langston, Jackie Seitz, Loren Seitz, Bill Driscoll, Jared Vogeler, Trevor Vogeler, Kale Vogeler, Larry Kaiser, Dick Pickart, Tad Hase, Tim Dietrich, Lindsey Dietrich, Lucas Brown, Nate Montague, Kal Goodchild, Shelly Franzenburg, Sandy Boies, Ryan Junge, Dana Junge, Kay Less, Eva Bartelt, Brittney Langston, Dave Bennett, Chris Wiese, Mark Miller, Jim Erusha 

Thank you to all the Families and Individuals who pledged and donated toward the project! We will be having a plaque of some sort made up in flights thanking each of you! THANK YOU! 

And lastly… 

Skip the 1st and 18th hole handshakes! Try an elbow bump or a foot bump. Or, since its golf, a club tap. 

That extra space in your golf bag next to your tees or balls? Put your hand sanitizer there. And use it. Frequently. 

Take care, Jaimie 

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