Sour Grapes – April 17, 2020

Getting along

Jim Magdefrau

Jim and Mr. Bell

We’re adjusting to virtual living. Everything is online, with meetings, church and concerts on our laptops and phones. The downside is that we don’t get interaction with others. The upside is we can fast-forward through or skip the slow parts.

We do our best to support our local establishments with curbside service. Our Mayor Marty Junge observed he didn’t expect to be doing drug deals outside of our local pharmacy on Main Street in Van Horne. The Turners were busy delivering Good Friday fish meals to people’s doors in several cities. People are connecting from six feet away.

Television shows are being produced from people’s homes. A common theme is to have white walls and furnishings. One host had a picture from his kitchen and I noticed we had the same toaster. Cool. Why they’re just like me, except for a couple thousand square feet of living space.

Musicians are also busy posting up home concerts. Anything by Steve Martin is bound to be good and funny. Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mary Lou Lord, Richard Thompson, John McEuen, Carrie Rodriguez, others are regular posters. Friend Sofia Talvik had a series of concerts from Texas, where she and her husband were isolated, awaiting their trip back home to Germany. Locals include Benton graduate Steve Junge who regularly posts up piano tunes. I’m regularly entertained by a John Prine Music group with covers of our favorite singer/songwriter, plus KC area musician, Kelly Hunt, has a Sunday evening show.

Our schools and local 4-H groups come up with home activities to keep the kids’ minds sharp.

I’ve finally taken a crack at some biographies I’ve been meaning to read. I figured that if I can’t have a life, I can read about famous people who have had lives.

For now, we have to get used to the new normal. We are keeping our distance. That works for me, because people say I look better from far away. People are also no longer startled by the sight of a mask. We are the same people doing our best. Underneath that mask is a smile. You just can’t see it.

Like many, I’m looking forward to the day when we can all get together and give other one big big elbow bump.

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