Jim Magdefrau

I listened to a radio piece about our current condition causing vivid anxiety dreams. I’m going them one further with vivid anxiety dreams about having vivid anxiety dreams.

* * *

This is the time I usually scrape together words of wisdom for this year’s graduates. It’s a challenge this year. This is the graduation year we will be talking about for many graduations to come. And it’s not just this graduating class. Every class that is impacted by missing the final months of the school year. Let’s hope it’s just a few months.

Old mottos and words of wisdom no longer apply. I come from the newspaper business that is facing its challenges, yet I still believe in that business. It’s a business that won’t look the same. One thing certain is that it will have dedicated people delivering a service that people need. Even though I’m retired, it’s something I still have a hand in doing on a small scale.

Some things still apply. Keep learning and keep trying. Look out for others. Take care of yourself and your family and friends. The day is what you make it. Say a kind word. Accept a kind word. Mind the expiration dates on dairy products. Celery salt and malt vinegar works on anything. Getting out of a recliner still counts as exercise.

Make somebody’s day.

Finally, keep pursuing your goals and dreams.

Even if those dreams are anxiety dreams.

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