Book on history of Van Horne High School will be printed

History of Van Horne High School

The Van Horne Alumni Association has designed a book of the “History of the Van Horne High School from 1893 until 1965.”

It includes 80 pages of classes and sports activities. They are taking orders now through September 1. Cost is $20 if picked up $25 if shipped.

You can order from Jo Schallau 319-228-8330 203 Elm St., Van Horne, or Don Knaack 319-228-8215.


This is the form for ordering the Van Horne High School History Book. The book contains a history of Van Horne school from1890 through 1965. It has sports team photos, an assortment of classroom and other school photos, and graduating class photos. The cost of the book is $20 if you pick it up, $25 if you need the book mailed to you.

Please fill out the form and mail it with payment to:

Van Horne High School Alumni Committee, 203 Elm. St., Van Horne, IA 52346




Zip Code:

Telephone Number:


Number of Books:

I will have the book mailed to me:

I will pick up the book:

The book will be printed when we have enough pre-sales to pay for the printing. It will be mailed to you or can be picked up immediately upon completion of the printing.

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