Benton hosts volleyball invitational

Olivia Janss celebrates a point at the Benton Invite.

Bobcat Invitational, Saturday, Sep. 19, at Van Horne

Union 21-21, Benton 8-12

The team was 3 of 44 for kills. Grace Embretson had 2. The team had 21 serves, with 1 error and 1 ace by Addison Phillips. Embretson had 7 digs.

Benton 21-21, Durant 11-16

The team was 13 of 43 in kills. Embretson had 5 and Phillips had 4. Embretson had five assists. The team had 41 serves with 4 aces and 4 errors. Emma Drahos had 2 aces. Embretson had 6 digs.

Grundy Center 21-21, Benton 16-12

Benton was 12 of 48 in kills. Embretson had 6 and Phillips had 5. Embretson had 5 assists. The team had 29 serves with 5 aces and 2 errors. Pieper Nelson had 3 aces. With 4 digs each were Olivia Janss and Embretson.

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