Belle Plaine continues its volleyball season

Belle Plaine plays at South Tama

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020

Belle Plaine 21-21, BGM 13-6
Belle Plaine 21-21, Perry 17-13
East Marshall 21-21, Belle Plaine 10-19

Belle Plaine’s (7-4) season resumed in volleyball on Saturday, Sept. 26, at South Tama, as they opened their tournament with a 2-0 win over BGM (1-9). Mandy Chizek had 18 assists. The team was 19 of 38 in kills with five errors. Nicholaa Phillippe had six kills. Jacey Reineke added five. Kieran Holmberg had six digs. Belle Plaine was 39 of 42 in serves with seven aces. Holmberg had four aces. Phillippe was 14 of 15.

Belle Plaine then defeated Perry (1-15), 2-0. Chizek had 14 assists. The team was 17 of 30 in kills with three errors. Phillippe had eight kills. Holmberg had six digs. Belle Plaine was 38 of 40 in serving with six aces. With two aces each were Alyssa Tegeler and Reineke. Chizek was 11 of 11. Phillippe was 7 of 7. Reineke was 6 of 6.

Belle Plaine closed with a 2-0 loss to East Marshall (7-10).

Chizek had 14 assists. The team was 18 of 53 in kills with 12 errors. Tegeler had eight kills. Phillippe added six. Phillippe also had 10 digs. The team was 26 of 30 in serves with three aces. Holmberg had two aces. Reineke added one. Holmberg was 8 of 9. Chizek was 7 of 8.

Belle Plaine vs. English Valleys

Monday, Sept. 28, at North English

Belle Plaine 25-25-25, English Valleys 9-14-6

Mandy Chizek had 27 assists for Belle Plaine (905) against English Valleys (4-12). The team was 30 of 72 in kills with six errors. Alyssa Tegeler had 13 kills. Nicholaa Phillippe added nine. Holmberg had 10 digs. Phillippe added eight. Belle Plaine was 68 of 73 in serves with 14 aces. Phillippe had four aces, as did Jadey Reineke. Abbie Miller was 3 of 3. Holmberg was 11 of 12 with two aces. Tegeler was 10 of 10 with two aces. Cjhizek was 13 of 13 with two aces. Phillippe was 19 of 21. Alyssa Steinbeck was 2 of 3. Reineke was 10 of 11.

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