Atkins Council, March 15, 2021

City of Atkins Iowa

City Council Minutes Regular Council Meeting

St. Stephens Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 303 Third Ave and Online

March 15, 2021

Mayor Visser called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Present were Spading, Svejda, Robison, and Rinderknecht. Also present were Todd Damon – Public Works Director, Groskurth – Interim City Clerk, Nick Eisenbacher – Engineer with Snyder and Associates, Jeremy Chihak, Katherine Nelson, and other members of the public.

Spading moved to approve consent agenda. Robison seconded. Ayes: Spading, Svejda, Robison, and
Rinderknecht. Consent agenda included minutes of March 1 and March 8, 2021 with corrections, Engineer’s report, Resolution 833 Setting Zoning Administrator for the City of Atkins, Resolution 834
Setting the Building code official for the City of Atkins, Resolution 835 agreement for Building code
Inspector services with the City of Fairfax, 836 Approving Minor Boundary Change Plat for Stone Ridge
First Addition Lot 24 in the City, Resolution 837 Approving Soccer Field Reservation for Flag Football,
Resolution 842 to adopt personally identifiable information and protected personally identifiable
information (PII) policy, Resolution 843 to adopt Segregation of Duties Policy, Resolution 844 to adopt
Fraud Reporting Policy and list of bills as follows:

ALLIANT ENERGY utilities 1,273.14
ARBOR CARE LLC arborist storm assessment 2,750.00
ARBOR CARE LLC arborist storm assessment 750.00
Cardmember Service books 1,432.24
CHEM-SULT, INC. chemicals 1,840.92
CITY OF FAIRFAX inspections 251.20
D P PROPERTIES &/OR cleaning 254.00
D P PROPERTIES &/OR cleaning 254.00
DUBALL, PAMELA office help 645.00
FUTURE LINE TRUCK EQUIPMT plow repairs 396.30
GAZETTE COMMUNICATIONS, Inc. publications 73.85
GIS BENEFITS insurance 95.18
GLOBAL FILTERS operation supplies 25.82
GRAYBILL COMMUNICATIONS emergency lights 405.00
HACH COMPANY operation supplies 381.21
HARN R/O SYSTEMS3 membrane replacement 31,874.00
HI – VIZ SAFETY safety supplies 684.00
RICHARD LANGE office help 940.00
LYNCH DALLAS, P.C. legal 660.00
M & D MINI STORAGE Derecho – costs 65.00
MENARD’S supplies 340.78
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY utilities 1,522.85
POSTMASTER – USPS postage 225.48
SANDRY FIRE SUPPLY equipment safety checks 957.75
SCHIMBERG small tools 314.11
THOMPSON TRUCK & TRAILER, INC. truck repair 463.16
U S CELLULAR cell phone 231.60
WASTE MANAGEMENT 40 yd roll off storm 370.35
Accounts Payable Total 51,655.29
Payroll Checks 5,789.88
REPORT TOTAL 57,445.17

Council discussed FYE 2022 budget items, including Sheriff’s quote for extended hours.

Spading moved to approve Resolution 838 directing the mayor to publish the proposed city Budget for
Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 (FYE 22) and set a public hearing to be held March 29, 2021
concerning the adoption of the City Budget FYE 22. Svejda seconded. Ayes: Spading, Robison, Svejda,
and Rinderknecht. Motion Carried.

Svejda moved to approve Resolution 839 entering into an agreement with East Central Iowa Council of
Governments (ECICOG) for grant administration services related to Fire Station re-build. Robison
seconded. Ayes: Robison, Svejda, Rinderknecht, and Spading. Motion Carried.

Spading moved to develop and post deputy clerk position. Robison seconded. Ayes: Svejda,
Rinderknecht, Spading, and Robison. Motion Carried.

Spading moved develop ordinance amendment establishing city administrator ordinance. Svejda seconded. Svejda, Rinderknecht, Spading, and Robison. Motion Carried.

Council discussed public improvements at 1st Avenue and Railroad St.

Svejda moved to approve resolution 840 approving pay application 4 to Garling Construction for Storm
damage repairs pending insurance approval. Robison seconded. Rinderknecht, Spading, Robison, and
Svejda. Motion Carried.

Robison moved to approve Resolution 841 approving payment to G-Works for accounting software.
Spading seconded. Discussion occurred to work on deferring this due to derecho. Spading, Robison,
Svejda, and Rinderknecht. Motion Carried.

Storm Disaster Recovery: Library has moved back to the Library. Occupancy permit requires use of
North Door currently. Presently, City Hall is scheduled to move back in April. City is waiting for
countertop for council room cabinets. Tree removal contract notice to bidders will be sent out soon.
ECICOG will begin working with fire station.

Todd Damon gave public works report. Replacement membranes have been installed at the water
plant. There was a water main break last week and a homeowner had a water shut off replacement.
Public Input: A. Bell, K. Nelsen, D. Rammelsberg, R. Tang, commented. Council member Svejda
discussed re-starting the Saturdays with Mayor/Council.

The next Regular council Meting to be held Monday, April 5, 2021 at 7:00 p.m., location will be
announced on the agenda. Due to the Governors Declared State of Emergency the council meeting may
be conducted using teleconference. Meeting agenda will include instruction to access the meeting.
Svejda moved to adjourn. Robison seconded. Ayes: Rinderknecht, Spading, Robison and Svejda.
Motion carried.

Adjournment time 8:39 p.m.

Bruce Visser, Mayor

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