Norway council met March 15


March 15, 2021

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 6:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Jay Hahn, Kevin Frese, Darrell Schulte, Loras Schulte. Absent: None.

Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to accept agenda, minutes and bills presented. Motion carried, 4-0.

Motion D. Schulte seconded by Frese to accept the resignation of Curtis Mell from the city council. Motion carried, 4-0. Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to publish notice of intent to appoint a
council member at the April 12, 2021 council meeting. Motion carried, 4-0. Eligible electors of the City of Norway, Iowa wanting to be considered for the appointment should submit a request in writing to the
City Clerk’s office by 12:00 Noon on Friday April 9, 2021.

Mayor opened the Public Hearing on FY-22 Budget at 6:05 PM. Hearing no comments, oral or written,
motion L. Schulte seconded by L. Schulte to close the Public Hearing at 6:08 PM. Motion carried, 4-0.
Motion D. Schulte seconded by Hahn to introduce RESOLUTION 21-02 APPROVING THE FISCAL
YEAR 2021-22 BUDGET. Ayes: Hahn, Frese, D. Schulte, L. Schulte. Nays: None. Absent: None.

Quotes for an electronic sign were presented. Council will decide at the next meeting.

Discussion was held on Clerk Books software for city accounting and billing system. A quote of $6,200
was received for the purchase and installation. Support is paid on an as needed basis. Final determination was tabled until next meeting.

Ordinance 325 Amending Open Burning was introduced by L. Schulte, seconded by Frese. Amended
section will allow for the burning of yard waste to April 15 – May 15 and October 15 – November 15.
Roll call: Ayes: Hahn, D. Schulte, Frese, L. Schulte. Nays: None. Absent: None.

Discussion was held on proposed Garbage/Sewer rate increases. Increase will bring the garbage rates to
a break even point. Sewer rate increase is to cover the cost of the yearly sewer loan payments.
Ordinance will be prepared for the next meeting.

Building permit application was received for 115 E Railroad St for a 36x50x14 steel constructed
building. Verification will be made as to the status of the connecting property and placement of the
building on the lot. A permit was issued for a fence at 410 Lehnen St.

Letters will be sent to properties that are in violation of nuisance ordinance. An ordinance will be
prepared for consideration of no trailer parking on the streets.

Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to adjourn at 7:20 PM. Motion carried, 4-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Attest: Wendy Erger, City Clerk

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