Five years of road work explained for Benton County

Supervisors also approve land use change at meeting Tuesday, April 13

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – The plans for the next five years for road work in Benton County was approved at the April 13 meeting of the Benton County Board of Supervisors, held at the Benton County Service Center.

Engineer Myron Parizek presented the five-year construction program for the Iowa Department of Transportation in Benton County, plus the 2022 to 2026 plans for secondary road construction. The board also approved the secondary road budget.

For this year, they are focused on a bridge on V-37 in Bruce Township, a bridge between Vinton and Mount Auburn on V-66, a bridge north of the Vinton Airport in Harrison Township, and a bridge northwest of Shellsburg. They also plan a box culvert in Florence Township, between Norway and Atkins. A bridge project is planned just north of Blairstown, which is part of a larger project to widen the road between Blairstown and Highway 30. Right of way work and grading improvements are planned on this road. Surface improvement is also planned on 61st Street Drive south of Vinton.

He also explained how work on Highway 30 in 2022 affects county projects.

In fiscal year 2022, grading improvement and pavement resurfacing are planned on the Blairstown road. The road south of Blairstown will also get resurfaces, as well as the road leading to Hannen Lake. Major resurfacing projects in 2023 are planned for E-24 and W-26, west of Vinton and north of Shellsburg. Work is also planned on W-14, between Newhall and the Shellsburg road. Right of way and grading improvement are planned on a two-mile stretch of W-24, between Highway 30 and the Atkins-Newhall road.

Pavement resurfacing is planned on D-45 northeast of Mount Auburn, as well E-22, between just east of Garrison and Highway 218 near Vinton in 2024.

Fiscal year 2025 is scheduled to include right of way work on Highway V-40, which is old Highway 131, between Belle Plaine and Highway 30.

Fiscal year 2026 includes resurfacing of V-66, from Luzerne to just north of Watkins.

Parizek also provided a map of Iowa DOT projects, the major one work on Highway 30, from 2022 to 2023.

Other business

A land use hearing was set for May 11 at 9:15 a.m. for Tatiana R. Messerole, for land in Section 15, Taylor Township.

A land use hearing was held for Mark Denny for land in Section 36, Cedar Township. Denny is from Cedar Rapids. He plans to build a cement pad to park a camper. Then he will eventually build a residence. He plans to turn the pavilion on the site into storage. It is on land now owned by RJ Meyers. This land is not in production, according to Land Use Administrator Marc Greenlee. It is surrounded by farm land and residences. Greenlee said it has a recreational flavor to it, but it will eventually be a residence. Denny stressed that the camper is not a long-term plan.

Supervisor Richard Primmer asked about the type of camper on the property. He asked if a restriction can be put on this to keep it from becoming a campground with more campers. Greenlee said restrictions can’t be added according to land use policy. However, the land must be used for its specific intended use. Denny added, “We plan on being a great neighbor.”

Primmer observed he didn’t want another “Lazy Acres” scenario with campers. He took Denny at his word, and the board approved the land use change.

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