WaMaC Boys’ Soccer Honors

Tyler Atkinson advances the ball.

WaMaC East Division All Conference Boys Soccer 2020-2021

First Team

  1. Levi Murphy- Marion
  2. Liam Ngo- Marion
  3. Jordan Fischer- Marion
  4. Austin Kochan- Marion
  5. Bryce Boekholder- Beckman Catholic
  6. Mitchell Naber- Beckman Catholic
  7. Logan Burchard- Beckman Catholic
  8. Gabe Yetley- Solon
  9. Dillon Bruck- Solon
  10. Jake Hunter- Mount Vernon
  11. Aden Grudzinski- Mount Vernon
  12. Sean Swanson- Maquoketa
  13. Ethan Grawe- West Delaware

Second Team

  1. Elijah Smith- Marion
  2. Calen Claypool- Marion
  3. Scott Fischer- Marion
  4. Conner Grover- Beckman Catholic
  5. Gus Smith- Beckman Catholic
  6. William Wittich- Solon
  7. Nate Ferguson- Solon
  8. TJ Nosbisch- Mount Vernon
  9. Sage Boettcher- Mount Vernon
  10. Tyson Wilhelm- Maquoketa
  11. Cael Koob- Maquoketa
  12. Boston McAulay- West Delaware

Wamac Recognition Award

  1. Brody Bingham- Marion
  2. Aiden Comried- Marion
  3. Max Mullis- Beckman Catholic
  4. Trent Arens- Beckman Catholic
  5. Owen Erusha- Solon
  6. Logan Sieverding- Solon
  7. Eli Dickson- Mount Vernon
  8. Luke Stephens- Mount Vernon
  9. Tai Steets- Maquoketa
  10. Colin Tracy- Maquoketa
  11. Kyle Barrett- West Delaware
  12. Damian Hernandez- West Delaware

Boys Soccer Player of the Year – Wamac East: Gabe Yetley – Solon

WaMaC West Division All Conference Boys Soccer 2020-2021

First Team

  1. CJ Rickels- Vinton-Shellsburg
  2. David Lapan-Islas- Vinton-Shellsburg
  3. Damon Swenson- Vinton-Shellsburg
  4. Ethan Rollinger- Vinton-Shellsburg
  5. Wes Quinlan- Clear Creek-Amana
  6. Taylor Christensen- Clear Creek-Amana
  7. Gunther Sandersfeld- Clear Creek-Amana
  8. Luis Hernandez- Benton Community
  9. Tyler Atkinson- Benton Community
  10. Tony Nunez- South Tama
  11. Jorge Garcia- South Tama
  12. Gabe Hansen- Center Point-Urbana
  13. Jesse Ludwig- Independence

Second Team

  1. Kale Schulte- Vinton-Shellsburg
  2. Ryan Moore- Vinton-Shellsburg
  3. Jesse Pladsen- Vinton-Shellsburg
  4. Harrison Cory- Clear Creek-Amana
  5. Christian Withrow- Clear Creek-Amana
  6. Giancarlo Carbajal-Urena- Benton Community
  7. Nicson Franck- Benton Community
  8. Pedro Nunez- South Tama
  9. Guillermo Garcia- South Tama
  10. Luke Post- Center Point-Urbana
  11. Mathew Collar- Center Point-Urbana
  12. Casey Alferink- Independence
  13. Tyler Schaefer- Williamsburg

Wamac Recognition Award

  1. Bennett Rickels- Vinton-Shellsburg
  2. Gunnar Moen- Vinton-Shellsburg
  3. Jackson Rosenberg- Clear Creek-Amana
  4. Ben George- Clear Creek-Amana
  5. Koley Kelly- Benton Community
  6. Nathan Rottman- Benton Community
  7. Armando Jimenez- South Tama
  8. Kendall Balderas- South Tama
  9. Ryan Keller- Center Point-Urbana
  10. Nick Post- Center Point-Urbana
  11. Jacob Yexley- Independence
  12. Nick Homan- Independence
  13. Oliver Mize- Williamsburg
  14. Braeden Brown- Williamsburg

Boys Soccer Player of the Year – Wamac West: David Lapan-Islas – Vinton-Shellsburg

Boys Wamac Soccer Results 2020-2021 (Spring 2021)

Dyserville-BeckmanClear Creek Amana
SolonBenton Community
Central DeWittSouth Tama
Mount VernonCenter Point-Urbana
West DelawareWilliamburg
Luis Hernandez throws in the ball for Benton.

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