Newhall Council – Aug. 9, 2021 minutes

City of Newhall
City Council Regular Meeting
Monday, August 9, 2021 – 7:00 PM
Mayor Mattson called the regular meeting to order at 7:14 p.m.
Council members present: Gessner, Boddicker, Campbell, Gardemann, Rinderknecht
Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Gardemann, 2nd by Campbell, all present aye, motion carried

Department Reports:
Public Works: Blower at lagoon serviced; repaired some potholes.
Mayor: Siding at Main Park is being replaced.
Council: Campbell asked about downspouts and gutters at concession stand, Mayor will check on
Fire/First Responders: Waterball August 21st, Appreciation picnic will be at main park September
18th, 5:00 social, 6:00 brats and burgers.
Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Boddicker to approve the minutes
from July 26, 2021 and bills totaling $11,191.04 all present aye, motion carried.

Alliant Energy City – Electric and Gas $3,271.19
Hawkins, Inc. Water/Sewer – Azone and Freight $515.04
Hydrants Unlimited Water/Sewer – Operator and Supplies $940.00
Iowa Dept of Nat Res Sewer – Wastewater Permit $210.00
John Deere Parks – Mower Blade, Pavlion – Sink Repair $79.94
Keystone Labs Water – Drinking Water Analysis $17.00
Linn Co-op Fire – Fuel $598.49
Linn Co-op City – Fuel $2.19
New Century FS City – Fuel $184.63
Newhall Post Office Fire – Post Office Box $66.00
Rabe Hardware Storm – Concession Stand $2,818.77
South Slope City – Internet, Cable and Phone $611.13
Staples City – Manilla Folders and Storage Boxes $67.80
Trugreen Parks – Annual Maintenance $1,740.00
Visa Library – Summer Reading Program $52.97
Visa City – Adobe $15.89

Council Action:
A. Motion by Boddicker, 2nd by Rinderknecht to purchase 2’ T for Rinderknecht
addition to go across the street to the north and then cap it, all present aye,
motion carried.
B. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Gessner to approve the Kinzenbaw quote for
$42,870.00 for a storm sewer at Ballpark, all present aye, motion carried.
C. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Gardemann to tear down large playground
equipment at main park due to potential injuries, missing parts from Derecho that
cannot be replace and broken areas, all present aye, motion carried.
D. Keri will set up a meeting with HR Green to discuss the City’s options with obtaining
new maps of sewer, water, streets, homes, shutoffs, and etc.
Adjournment: At 7:42 p.m. Gessner moved to adjourn, Boddicker seconded, all present aye,
motion carried.

Jan Mattson – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk

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