Filing deadlines approach for city council and school board

Filing deadline for City/School election is August 23-September 16.

Listed are positions up in the November 2 election.

Positions up for City Election 2021

Atkins: Mayor-Bruce Visser

Council-Vote for 3-Joey Svejda, Rob Spading, Heather Rinderknecht

Council-Vacancy-Julie DeMeulenaere

Belle Plaine: Council at Large-Mitch Malcolm

Council Ward 1-Mark Tegeler

Council Ward 3-Judy Schlesselman

Park Board Commissioner-Tracy Papesh

Blairstown: Mayor-Corrine Kimm

Council-Vote for 3-Bo Benesh, Brad Davidson, Paul Stults

Garrison: Mayor-Garrett Flickinger

Council-Vote for 3-Jeff Bahr, Tammy Schroeder, Lindsay Shaver

Keystone: Mayor-Erin Janss

Council-Vote for 3-Kathy Janss, Cindy Behrens, Tim Kruse

Luzerne: Mayor-John Brandt

Council-Vote for 5-Dwight Glinsmann, Kelly Kendall, Patrick McLeod, Lorin Potter, Barbara Shield

Mt Auburn: Mayor-Jeff Whitson

Council-Vote for 5-Austin Brase, Alisha Burmeister, Alan Docherty, Jessica Helms,

Tosha McGarvey

Newhall: Mayor-Jan Mattson

Council-Vote for 5-Douglas Rinderknecht, Gerald Gessner, Michael Gardemann,

Douglas Boddicker, Mart Campbell

Norway: Mayor-Bruce Volz

Council-Vote for 3-Jay Hahn, Ron Miller, Darrell Schulte

Council-Vacancy-Kevin Frese

Shellsburg: Mayor-Lonnie Speckner

Council-Vote for 3-Lindsey Chapman, Alisha Blattler, Shadoe Vogt

Urbana: Mayor-Mitch McDonough

Council-Vote for 2-Jacki Michael, Josh Holthaus

Van Horne: Mayor-Martin Junge

Council-Vote for 3-Kim Fisher, Jim Parmenter, Amy Knaack

Vinton: Mayor-Max Maynard Jr.

Council at Large-Brian Parr

Council Ward 1-Ron Hessenius

Council Ward 3-Nate Edwards

Council Ward 4-Vacancy-Bethany Gates

Walford: Mayor-Bill Voss

Council-Vote for 2-Aaron Voss, Randy Bauer

Council-Vacancy-Amy Ellis

Positions up for School Election 2021

Belle Plaine Community School District: Director at Large-Vote for 2-Rima Johnson, Valerie Coffman

Benton Community School District: Director District 4-Pat Stepanek

Director District 5-Theresa Ludeking

Director District 6-Brenda Werning

Vinton-Shellsburg School District: Director at Large-Vote for 2-Sue Gates, Rob Levis

Director District 1-Mike Timmermans

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