Belle Plaine drought update

The Drought & Well # 6

Citizens of Belle Plaine, the prolonged drought conditions throughout our region have depleted our aquifer to the point we need to run our backup well #6. The community has responded well to the consumption restrictions and usage went down as a result. Your diligence has allowed us more time in our conservation efforts and prolonged our necessity to run our backup well as we all waited for rain. The substantial lack of rain in our entire region has initiated this next step in our water management plan.

Belle Plaine City Hall


Well #6 will be incorporated into our water supply starting on Monday August 23, 2021.

This is not a state of emergency. This water is completely safe to drink for everyone.

This action will assist our community in furthering the capabilities of our water supply. It may take us a week or so to find a sustainable and manageable blend. With any luck we will be able to lift many of the water restrictions. We will keep you updated. We may only need to run the back up well for a short while if normal rainfalls return going into this fall. If the drought persists, we will continue the need to run the back up well.

We have been testing and monitoring the production from well #6 over the last several weeks to ensure it meets IDNR standards. We have conducted necessary testing to confirm the chemistry of the water and its safety. We have thoroughly flushed all the lines and ensured there’s a chlorine residual per IDNR regulations.

As we introduce water from well #6 into the distribution system, we will be blending it with water from the existing wells, roughly 30-40% to start out. The drought will dictate the ratio.

What does this mean to you as a customer?

We will continue to provide a steady source of water to you as we always do with few limited-service interruptions caused by water main break situations which are unavoidable. It is better to have steady water than no water.

Well #6 contains a lot of minerals and some people can tell the difference in taste while others cannot. Some people enjoy the water from well #6 and prefer its taste to our regular water. Some will choose to drink bottled water or install water conditioning equipment. All of these are safe options and personal choice.

Belle Plaine’s water supply runs between 21-23gpg hardness. With the introduction of water from well #6 the hardness and iron content will be elevated to a certain degree that will be determinable once we find a sustainable blend rate. We cannot make any recommendations on what settings your household water conditioning equipment should be adjusted to at this time.

Your local plumber will be in contact with the city to stay informed on water conditions if you have plumbing questions.

A drought is an uncontrollable act of nature much like the derecho we so proudly stood together to overcome. Around every corner we will face adversity after adversity, we can go it alone or together as a community.

We have been working on a comprehensive water study to help us determine the best investments in our community’s water supply and delivery system. This will hopefully include federal grants to help fund infrastructure improvements such as additional wells, equipment, and mains.

Belle Plaine City Council

Belle Plaine Administrative Team

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