Norway City Council – August 9, 2021

Norway Iowa

August 9, 2021
Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Kevin Frese, Darrell Schulte, Loras Schulte. Absent: Jay Hahn.
Motion D. Schulte seconded by L. Schulte to accept agenda, minutes and bills presented. Motion carried, 3-0.
Discussion was held on a generator unit for the fire department. Estimates were presented for the placement of a 25kW unit that was previously at WWTF requiring propane gas. Concerns were expressed as to the placement and easements to be obtained as well as the impact should an addition to the current station become necessary.
The possibility of trading the current unit and going with a natural gas unit was also discussed. Solid numbers will be brought to the next meeting for consideration.
Iowa Municipal Workers Comp site visit recommendations were presented. IMWCA is recommending that a return-to-work policy be put into place. They now have model policies to follow, rather than seeking the policy from another entity. A policy will be drafted for pending council approval at the September meeting. Other recommendations included requests for FD Roster and most recent fit tests compliance. A verbal request included the names of all department members who have taken EMR or EMT classes along with copies of their agreements with the city and certifications or status of completion.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to approve Aaric Rust as Fire Chief. Motion carried, 3-0. Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to table the approval of the revised fire department by-laws until explanation of changes is presented to council. Motion carried, 3-0.
A video of the area considered to need grading was given to council for review before the meeting. The general feeling was that we have not had substantial rainfall in this area that would depict the need for grading through a visual inspection. Pictures taken in the spring and fall of 2020 shows the need for the grading to be completed.
According to engineer Nick Eisenbacher it had been agreed upon that completion of grading would happen after a rainfall analyzed the areas. Council questioned that a laser shot wouldn’t show the grade but that has not been addressed by Boomerang to date. Discussion was held on the final pay request previously submitted by Boomerang. Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to pay Boomerang $70,619.12 now and hold $49,200.00 for grading costs, should the city incur them, and liquidated damages. The funds held will be paid upon completion of the project.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to place a sanitary sewer flow monitoring device in a manhole to monitor the flow from Industrial Business zone to the WWTF not to exceed $8800 for the monitoring contract period.
Motion carried, 3-0. Monitoring of solids will be done once per week during the three-month period. Property owner at 510 W Railroad St. will be contacted with information learned from IDNR regarding the demolition and grading of his property. It will be made clear that the structure may not be buried. In the event of a controlled burn the fire department would need to obtain the necessary permits from the DNR. The property owner will need to have an asbestos inspection completed and residue leftover would need to go to landfill with notification made to the landfill of what the materials contain. An outline of items to be done will be presented.
There have also been concerns from surrounding property owners about the location of the fill being added. A survey should be completed to determine property lines.
Electronic sign placement- Poles are being powder coated, frame is ready. Electrician will be contacted again for connection. Landscape design around the area will be investigated.
Nuisance and property cleanup was discussed. Mayor will look at properties brought by council and address the issues. Letters will be sent to those in need of mowing or removal of overgrown weeds. A date to correct the problem will be established and followed by citation if compliance is not achieved. Other issues included the manhole at the end Bickel St. and the high traffic issues at the city shop area causing breakage of culverts among other problems. Attorney verified the city must notify the property owner before mowing or weed removal. All orders to mow will be issued by the mayor and mowed by a designee of the city.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to adjourn at 6:38 PM. Motion carried, 3-0.
Next meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Attest: Wendy Erger, City Clerk

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