Atkins Council … Sept. 7, 2021

City of Atkins Iowa
City Council Regular Meeting Minutes
Council Chambers located at 480 3rd Ave.
September 7, 2021

Mayor Visser called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present were Svejda, Rinderknecht, Spading, DeMeulenaere via online, and Robison via online. Also present were Groskurth, and various members of the public.

Spading moved to approve the agenda. Svejda seconded. Ayes: Svejda, Rinderknecht, Spading, DeMeulenaere, and Robison. Motion carried.

Spading moved to approve the consent agenda. Svejda seconded. Ayes: Rinderknecht, Spading, DeMeulenaere, Robison, and Svejda. Motion Carried. The consent agenda was as follows: The Council Minutes of September 7, 2021, Amendment to Central City Pharmacy, Inc d/b/a Atkins Pharmacy license # WBN000824 Class B Native Wine Permit – ownership update and authorize Mayor to pay bills to be presented at the next regular meeting.

Svejda moved to approve Resolution 889 authorizing Mayor to establish a drug and alcohol testing policy. DeMeulenaere seconded. Ayes: Spading, DeMeulenaere, Robison, Svejda, and Rinderknecht. Motion carried.

Spading moved to approve Resolution 890 authorize mayor to enter contract with Iowa Codification to recodify City of Atkins Code of Ordinances. Rinderknecht seconded. Ayes: DeMeulenaere, Robison, Svejda, Rinderknecht, and Spading. Motion carried.

Staffing Update: Mayor Visser announced Library Director, Cathy Becker will be retiring this year. Groskurth reported the city received several applications for the Deputy Clerk Position. Applications will be reviewed this week with interviews to follow depending on schedules.

Mayor informed contract for extending Kelly and process is being reviewed by attorney.

Public Works Department: Mayor Visser gave update. City is working on estimates for City Truck and continues to work with Badger Meter System. City continues to work with water plant treatment chemicals to assist with supply issues.

Public Input: Council member Svejda asked if Website Development could be reviewed.

Discussion regarding how agenda items are determined.

Rinderknecht thanked Visser and Groskurth for applying for and being awarded a $9,500 technology grant. Grant specified what items. Items will arrive in December.

Svejda motioned to adjourn. Spading seconded. 5-ayes, motion carried.

Adjournment time was 7:37 p.m.

Kelly Groskurth, City Clerk

Bruce Visser, Mayor

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