Sour Grapes: Walking

The walk

By Jim Magdefrau

I’m sorry for the dry spell in column writing. I’ve learned that the key to putting thoughts into words is to first have thoughts.

My best time for thinking is the early morning walk around town. What’s going on in my thoughts? As I’ve often said, don’t try to get inside my head. You won’t find anything. I might be figuring out the last lines of “El Paso” when he rides down the hill and sees the white puff of smoke. Or saluting Mike’s military lawn display. Waving to fellow walkers. Counting the trees and poles a friend’s dog visits to leave his mark. Figuring out which school driver’s trucks don’t have mufflers. Breaking into a full-on job for 20 yards to avoid traffic. Shaking my head to try to forget all I heard from the Legion Hall coffee crew. What’s the difference between a diminished and augmented chord? Listening to my watch to remind me to breathe. Did I put the garbage out? Did I do laundry? Is that rain? Does that dog bite? Is “Amie” in G or A? How many days in a row have I worn these sweats?

A lot of thoughts in the old dude’s head.

The walk also shows we are still bouncing back from last year’s derecho. But I see a lot of trees ready to be planted in people’s yards. Bouncing back is a slow process. If you bounce back too quickly, you fall on your face. I learned this from a mini tramp.

Leaves are starting to turn on the trees that we still have. This does make it my favorite time of year. The first frost is also a sign that it’s time to start thinking about new variations on chili. Since trying sriracha sauce the first time this year, this will be a mandatory side item in my flavor arsenal.

The sports season is getting into tournament time on the high school level. It reminds me that winter sports will start soon, and we’ll again be longing for the first nice day in spring.

It is the best time of the year. Take time to enjoy it. Take a walk.

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