From the desk of the mayor – November 2021

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

Dear Citizens of Belle Plaine:

Don’t forget that November 11, 2021 is Veteran’s day. It looks like this year, we will be getting back to normal and continuing our traditional veterans day program at the high school. This is definitely open to the public, and we would appreciate all who can attend to do so. I know it is said quite often that Freedom is not Free. Still, we all need to remember if it weren’t for the veterans, both past & present, we would not have all those freedoms that Americans enjoy. If you see a veteran that week, make sure you thank them for their service.


Please remember that it is Belle Plaine city policy; if the family of a Belle Plaine veteran requests it, the flag at city hall will fly at half-staff in honor of that Veteran on the day of their funeral.

By the time you read this, the election will probably be over; I hope you voted. People often do not believe that local elections are important. Still, in reality, they are critical to our way of life. One does have to realize that the city gov’t, unlike the federal or, for that matter, the state, has many more restrictions on what they can do and how they can tax. Those restrictions mean that specific funding can only be spent on certain items, such as road tax. Also, we can not just create any new tax we want & we have serious limits on what we can do with property tax rates. I guess what I’m trying to say is the local gov’t must operate within their budget, and for sure, it must balance.

That is not as easy as it sounds.

Congratulations to the Belle Plaine Tree Board (Dick Wells, Vicki Schwab, & John Atkinson) and their Chairman Steve Beck (City Administrator) on their hard work developing a revised tree program for public property. Also, congratulations to Park & Recreation Director Lance Hinschberger on planting new trees in the park.
In keeping with spirit:


Whereas, Arbor Day has been a part of the American tree-planting tradition since 1872 in rural and urban settings alike; and

Whereas, Belle Plaine is appreciated by its residents and visitors alike for its many tree lined streets, and parks; and

Whereas ongoing community and political interest has supported viable professional public and private tree care throughout Belle Plaine; and

Whereas, benefits derived from trees provide short term and long-term improvements to everyday life for all residents of Belle Plaine.

Now, Therefore, I, David R. Fish, Mayor of Belle Plaine, Iowa, do hereby proclaim October 19th, 2021 as Arbor Day with the hope this will spur citizens’ interest for public and private tree care throughout the community.

We were informed by the Benton County Landfill & the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG), was informed that the last day to apply for the the compost rebate program will be November 19th.


Snow season will be here very soon, so I remind Belle Plaine residents that they are responsible for removing the snow from their sidewalk. It is also your responsibility to not have your vehicle parked on the Street during a snow emergency.

City Code: 13. Removal of Snow, Ice, and Obstructions from Sidewalks. All property owners shall keep the sidewalks abutting their property free from snow, ice or other obstruction or accumulations. If such property owner fails to remove the same for a period of twenty-four (24) hours after the same has been deposited thereon, the City Administrator or the City Administrator’s designee may cause the same to be removed. Such officer shall file with the City Clerk a statement of the cost thereof which shall be $1.00 per running foot of the walk from which the accumulations are removed. Thereupon the cost of the removal shall be levied against the property as a special assessment in the same manner and under the same procedure as special assessments are levied for the construction of sidewalks.

SECTION 3-42-3 PARKING PROHIBITED. No person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley or public areas in the public right-of-way and immediately adjacent to the traveled portion of a street during any snow emergency parking ban. This section is not to be construed as to allow parking back on the snow routes even though they may be cleared.

SECTION 3-42-4 PARKING PERMITTED.  During any snow emergency, parking shall be permitted in the city parking lot located between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue between the railroad tracks and 11th Street.

I can almost guarantee that you will get more than 24 hours after the snowfall to clear your sidewalks. We will not start looking at sidewalks until we are done clearing streets & alleys. Please help our pedestrians by getting the sidewalks cleared! We don’t want children walking on the roads.


To further address water problems, the city will be flushing hydrants which is a form of rust control, and the recent rain has been helping the wells. We are also studying the possibility of adding filters to our wells in an effort to remove some of the minerals. Please read the city administrator’s column for a detailed discussion of the city water system


Have a great and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Remember, it is up to all of us to make Belle Plaine, the best hometown in Iowa!

November 2021 Mayor Dave Fish

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