WRESTLING: Bobcats face Independence, Williamsburg in wrestling

Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021, at Williamsburg

Independence 61, Benton 10

132: Blake Heying (BECO) over Keyten Jacobsen (INDE) (Dec 6-2)
138: Luke Johnson (INDE) over Dawson Franck (BECO) (MD 9-1)
145: Brenden Heying (BECO) over Carter Straw (INDE) (Dec 6-1)
152: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Clayton Sebetka (BECO) (Fall 0:32)
160: Teegan McEnany (INDE) over Mason Dellamuth (BECO) (Fall 2:41)
170: Caden Larson (INDE) over Koley Kelly (BECO) (Fall 2:14)
182: Mitch Johnson (INDE) over Troy Kupka (BECO) (Fall 1:15)
195: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over (BECO) (For.)
220: Brady McDonald (INDE) over (BECO) (For.)
285: Tono Cornell (INDE) over Kamden Kesl (BECO) (Dec 6-3)
106: Tanner Wilson (INDE) over Caden Wallace (BECO) (Fall 1:53)
113: Elliot Hurley (INDE) over Luke Gehling (BECO) (Fall 1:38)
120: Kaden Kremer (INDE) over Jordan Thys (BECO) (Fall 1:10)
126: Jaiden Moore (BECO) over Tyler Wieland (INDE) (MD 14-4)

Williamsburg 46, Benton 29

145: Brenden Heying (BECO) over Ayden Stratton (WILL) (Fall 2:37)
152: Clayton Sebetka (BECO) over Cael Moore (WILL) (Dec 8-1)
160: Mason Dellamuth (BECO) over Bryan Riedel (WILL) (Dec 10-4)
170: Kam Royster (WILL) over Koley Kelly (BECO) (Fall 1:33)
182: Gable Dayton (WILL) over Troy Kupka (BECO) (Fall 0:30)
195: Jack Geels (WILL) over (BECO) (For.)
220: Cale Fenton (WILL) over (BECO) (For.)
285: Brennen Blegen (BECO) over Gavin Vesey (WILL) (Fall 1:43)
106: Kyler Provin (WILL) over Caden Wallace (BECO) (Fall 0:55)
113: Gavin Jensen (WILL) over Luke Gehling (BECO) (Fall 1:46)
120: Tytan Guerrero (WILL) over Elijah Kupka (BECO) (Fall 5:15)
126: Jordan Thys (BECO) over Caleb Mohr (WILL) (Fall 3:05)
132: Jaiden Moore (BECO) over Fletcher Maser (WILL) (TF 22-7 5:43)
138: Nile Sinn (WILL) over Dawson Franck (BECO) (MD 11-1)

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