Local Covid-19 counts for December 14, 2021

Benton CountyDec 14, 2021One-week change
Positive tests4,698146
Total tests60,3431,133
Positive tests per 100,00018,319569
Individuals positive7.79%
One-week positivity12.89%
Deaths (two week change)622
Net active cases74438
Iowa County
Positive tests2,59355
Total tests47,1531,038
Positive tests per 100,00016,002320
Individuals positive5.50%
One-week positivity5.30%
Deaths (two week change)360
Net active cases328-1
Tama County
Positive tests3,15283
Total tests48,367738
Positive tests per 100,00018,702493
Individuals positive6.52%
One-week positivity11.25%
Deaths (two week change)780
Net active cases38150
Poweshiek County
Positive tests2,69594
Total tests64,535981
Positive tests per 100,00014,564508
Individuals positive4.18%
One-week positivity9.58%
Deaths (two week change)441
Net active cases34635
Linn County
Positive tests37,4011,190
Total tests463,2028,740
Positive tests per 100,00016,498561
Individuals positive8.07%
One-week positivity13.62%
Deaths (two week change)4366
Net active cases5,792519
State of Iowa
Positive tests597,29312,906
Total tests7,349,130121,978
Positive tests per 100,00018,227394
Individuals positive8.13%
One-week positivity10.58%
Deaths (two week change)7,680235
Net active cases84,7643,176
Hospitalization (Primary Diagnosis)62159
Hospitalization (Secondary Diagnosis)202-13
Vaccine completed1,807,88623,072
Percent completed55.17%
Vaccine Administration Data
Hot spots in Iowa – Mayo Clinic

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