Belle Plaine competes in wrestling with Tipton and North Scott JV

North Scott JV 42, Belle Plaine 39

285: Dawson Rheingans (NOSC) over (BEPL) (For.)
106: Jackson Weeda (BEPL) over (NOSC) (For.)
113: Joe Randall (BEPL) over Tanner Yates (NOSC) (Fall 3:24)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over Dawsan Dufloth (NOSC) (Fall 0:11)
126: Peyton Weeda (BEPL) over Logan Brus (NOSC) (Fall 0:59)
132: Elliot Schroeder (NOSC) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:22)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over Gehrig Kirst (NOSC) (Fall 3:02)
145: Adam Link (NOSC) over (BEPL) (For.)
152: Ilias Louck (NOSC) over Lillian Wickwire (BEPL) (Fall 0:16)
160: Jace Tippet (NOSC) over Gavin Ward (BEPL) (Fall 1:54)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over Landon McDonald (NOSC) (Dec 9-5)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Jay Lightle (NOSC) (Fall 3:02)
195: Chase Crouse (NOSC) over (BEPL) (For.)
220: Jackson McCallister (NOSC) over (BEPL) (For.)

Tipton 54, Belle Plaine 30

220: Jerry Havill (TIPT) over (BEPL) (For.)
285: Lucas Sutton (TIPT) over (BEPL) (For.)
106: Jayson Johnson (TIPT) over Jackson Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:52)
113: Maxson Fogg (TIPT) over Joe Randall (BEPL) (Fall 0:40)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over Wyatt Ham (TIPT) (Fall 1:24)
126: Tristin Sorgenfrey (TIPT) over Peyton Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 3:20)
132: Parker Weeda (BEPL) over (TIPT) (For.)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over Wyatt Lashmit (TIPT) (Fall 0:37)
145: Braxton Heffernan (TIPT) over (BEPL) (For.)
152: Landon Holub (TIPT) over Lillian Wickwire (BEPL) (Fall 0:33)
160: Skyler Schmidt (TIPT) over Gavin Ward (BEPL) (Fall 0:31)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over Aiden Graves (TIPT) (Fall 3:33)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Zeke Graves (TIPT) (Fall 1:49)
195: Fred Paul (TIPT) over (BEPL) (For.)

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