Newhall City Council – February 14, 2022

City of Newhall
City Council Regular Meeting
February 14, 2022 – 6:00 PM
Mayor Boddicker opened the regular meeting at 6:00 PM.
Roll Call: Council Present: Campbell, Cross, Rinderknecht, Seeck, Wendel
Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Rinderknecht with discussing item D first in the Council Action, all aye, motion carried.
Department Reports:
Public Works: New compressor had a crack which caused oil leak, was returned and replaced; floor taken up in the concession stand; lift is repaired.
Mayor: Getting quote from G&H for concession stand and Rabe Hardware regarding restrooms and outside drinking fountain/spicket that will be turned off inside.
Fire: 729 grass truck is back at Auto Electric trying to find the issue with dash board lights.
Library: 40 people attended the Valentines Craft; computer issues, April’s husband is working on; new puzzle table was received, donated by Doug and Dixie Rinderknecht.
Parks: Registration for the 2022 rec programs will be February 24th from 5:30-7:00 at City Hall; increases were made to registration ($20 to $30 for little/pony League, $10 to $15 for tee ball and coach/machine pitch) fees for the programs; Girls will have a post season tournament.
Zoning: Shed located at the end of Railroad Street will need to be looked at for size requirements that possibly changing since talking to the city about installation.
Council: Cross recommended a conversation regarding businesses in residential areas where owners do not live in the home.
Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Campbell to approve the minutes from January 19, 2022 and January 24, 2022, and bills totaling $24,459.75, all present aye, motion carried.
Alliant Energy City – Electric and Gas $7,403.11
Benton County Auditor City – Law Enforcement (1st Qtr 2022) $4,875.00
Benton County Solid Waste City – Per Capita – 3rd Qtr $5,681.00
Brown Supply Co. Streets – blade, bolt, carbon $539.60
Campbell Supply Co. Fire – Spotlight/Flash Lights $792.00
Elk Creek Construction Storm – finishing piece on roof of gazebo $1,130.00
Gazette City – Publications $235.46
Hydrants Unlimited Water/Sewer – Operations and Lab $940.00
Keystone Labs Water – Testing $18.75
Keystone Labs Sewer/Water – Testing $243.25
Linn Coop Oil Co Streets – Fuel $191.52
Municipal Emerg Services Fire – Testing of Air Packs $1,108.80
New Century FS Streets – Fuel $84.09
Radio Communications Co Fire – Fix Station Radio $150.00
South Slope City – Internet, Cable & Phone $604.00
Thompson Truck & Trailer Fire – Parts to repair truck $40.60
US Cellular City – Cell Service $208.66
Visa City – Coat Rack, Adobe, Tax Forms $138.37
Visa Streets – Ice Cleat Grips for Boots (2) $75.54
Council Action:
A. Motion by Cross, 2nd by Campbell approving reading 1 of resolution 021420233 adding a 3 way stop (Chapter 65, Section 65.01) one at the top of Main Street where it meets up with 3rd Street, and one on 3rd Street, east bound at the intersection to Main Street, roll call vote, all aye, motion carried.
B. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Cross approving reading 1 and waiving readings 2 and 3 of Resolution 02142023 of the sewer rate increase that was done in 2021. Approval was given prior by council vote, but resolution needed to be done (First 2000 gallons $23.64, Each gallon exceeding 2000 $.01182000) Roll call vote, all aye, motion carried.
C. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Campbell approving the purchase of 50 more radio reads and to look at the budget in June to determine if more can be purchased prior to the fiscal year end, all aye, motion carried.
D. Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Seeck approving Prairie Road Builders quote for 2022 Seal Coat Project (Seal Coat) power broom streets, furnish and apply MC3000 asphalt, furnish, spread, and roll 3/8” washed chips- $2.40/sy; Surface Patching: Cold Mix $230.00/ton, reclaim: $65.00/ton), all aye, motion carried.
E. Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Seeck approving Gerald Gessner as the BC Emergency Management representative for Newhall, all aye, motion carried.
F. Tractor quote was tabled for more quotes and to look at an industrial tractor.
G. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Seeck, all present aye, motion carried to not purchase a blinking stop sign but rather put flags on them after they are installed for a short period, all aye, motion carried.
H. Motion by Seeck, 2nd by Rinderknecht, all present aye, motion carried to allow the rec board to proceed with purchasing new uniforms at an estimated cost of $2,870.00 and $168.00 for stirrup socks, all aye, motion carried.
I. Motion by Seeck, 2nd by Cross, all aye, motion carried approving the following officers and members of the rec board:
a. President – Skyler Childers
b. Vice President – Michael Munson
c. Secretary – Tim Touro
d. Treasurer/City Council Representative – Mart Campbell
e. Members/Coaches – Michael Munson (little league boys head coach), Wendy Refstie (pony league girls head coach), Beth Becker, Jessica Munson, Skyler Childers (tee ball coordinator, boys and girls machine pitch head coach).
J. Painting the main park pavilion was tabled for additional quotes.
Adjournment: At 7:22 PM, Seeck moved to adjourn, Wendel 2nd, all present aye motion carried.

Doug Boddicker – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk

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