Newhall Council, March 14, 2022

City of Newhall
City Council Regular Meeting
March 14, 2022 – 7:00 PM
Mayor Boddicker opened the regular meeting at 7:00 PM.
Roll Call: Council Present: Campbell, Cross, Rinderknecht, Wendel, Seeck
Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Campbell approving the agenda, all present aye, motion carried.
Department Reports
Public Works: Blower 3 has been repaired and put back into service at the lagoon; Kinzenbaw is working on a quote for water main replacement on 1st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Beatty Excavating was also here with Kinzenbaw to go over the plans. The quote will be good for only 2 weeks; G&H is hoping to start on concession stand the week of March 14th; UV lights are being put in at the lagoon; sweeper has been put on mower, once it dries
up they will start getting rock out of ditches; they swept the City Hall and cross walk on 3rd Street; Utility Services report was received and inspections were all ok.
Fire: Hwy 30 Diesel is planning on replacing the clutch in the tanker the week of March 14th, tornado siren will be serviced the week of March 21st.
Council: Cross suggested that an emergency action plan should be put in place for any possible future disasters like Derecho, Touro suggested a committee put something together and present it to the council.
City Clerk: FEMA communicated that 2 of the 3 projects with the City of Newhall are dead, one is still pending.
Parks: Committee met but did not have a quorum, is rescheduling.
Zoning: Received building permits for Williams Way, Rinderknecht is looking at putting up a fence in between his property and the Much property.
Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Seeck to approve the minutes from February 28, 2022, and bills totaling $90,547.69, all present aye, motion carried.
Airgas First Responders – Oxygen $86.71
Alliant City – Electric and Gas $6,017.95
Bound Tree First Responders – Supplies $314.49
Bound Tree First Responders – Gloves $85.96
Hydrants Unlimited Water/Sewer – Operations/Supplies $940.00
Iowa Assoc. of Municipal
Utilities Water – Member Dues $716.00
Keystone Lab Water/Sewer – Analysis $243.25
Morgan Valley Painting Pavilion – Painted interior $1,600.00
National Fire Protection First Responders – Dues $175.00
New Century FS Streets – Fuel $66.16
South Slope City – Internet, Phone and Cable $604.00
Staples Pavilion – Planner $11.49
Titan Machinery Storm – Tractor $77,000.00
VISA Water-Tester, Fire-Tables, Parks-Cheese
Machine $795.48
VISA City-Adobe, Business Cards, Fire-Batteries,
Parks-Popper, Hot Dog Warmer $1,891.20
Total $90,547.69

Council Action
a. Resident from 6th Street was present inquiring if their street would be seal coated and repaired this year. Mayor Boddicker replied that Prairie Road Builders will review the streets prior to the work being done and we will let them know.
b. Alley between 1st and 2nd Street, and 5th and 6th Avenue; several neighbors were present to discuss one resident driving on the grass area behind his home. This area is an alley, not an easement was shared by Mayor Boddicker, several other options were discussed with the conclusion being the mayor will contact the attorney to find out what the options are.
c. Rabe Hardware – Jake Rabe was present to discuss the storage, usage and savings the city was expecting with the solar panels. Due to underground wiring issues, monitoring not in place, and storm related damage, the city has not seen the reduction in utility bills as they anticipated. The solar panels are working now. Several adjustments were made with Alliant Energy with coding and additional monitoring will occur going forward to ensure we receive optimal performance. City workers will log information from screen 7 at the sewer plant until remote monitoring is received; currently backordered (fire station changed from 607 to 600 and all other panels from 75 to 98). Jake Rabe
shared that the council should be proud of their decision to purchase the solar panels and the savings they will be seeing.
d. Waiting on quote from Rabe Hardware for additional items necessary at the concession
e. Motion by Seeck, 2nd by Campbell approving the 2nd reading of resolution 021420233, and waiving the 3rd reading adding a 3 way stop at the intersection of Main Street and 3rd Street, roll call vote all aye, motion carried.
f. Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Seeck approving Vision Concrete for $9,988 for sidewalk by the gazebo, sidewalk at concession stand and drain in shop, all present aye, motion carried.
g. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Seeck approving the Newhall Public Library Pandemic Policy, all present aye, motion carried.
h. Insulation at west park pavilion was included with initial quote.
i. Motion by Seeck, 2nd by Campbell approving 205 and 207 numbers for Williams Way, all present aye, motion carried.

Adjournment: At 8:31 PM, Seeck moved to adjourn, Wendel 2nd, all present aye motion carried.

Doug Boddicker – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk

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