Benton speech team competes at state

Benton Community had four groups go to State Large Group – all groups received a 1 rating.

  • Reader’s Theatre: Sammy Dengler, Ella Hayden, Kindyl Andrew, Jacob Bange, Reagan Gorkow, Kayla Johnson, Molly Light, Joey Shepherd, Hayden Bange, and Brady Gammill.
  • One-Act Play: Caitlin Atwood, Sadie Blomberg, Alex Ludeking, Rebecca Payne, Andrew Gates, Jackson Kleinmeyer, Joey Shepherd, Emma Bange, and Roni Dengler. 
  • Ensemble Acting: Sadie Blomberg, Ella Hayden, Kindyl Andrew, Reagan Gorkow, and Kayla Johnson
  • Short Film: Sammy Dengler, Alex Ludeking, Jacob Bange, Jackson Kleinmeyer, and Emery Rinderknecht
  • Individual Speech – All Division 1 at State
  • Alex Ludeking: Radio News Announcing
  • Rebecca Payne: Acting and Poetry

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