Old and Creepy Dolls coming to the EV History Center

Dr. Barbara Brown tells about herself, “I was not born in Iowa but got here as soon as I could. I was actually born in Mississippi. I lived a great many other places before coming to Iowa. I am not the best educated person you will ever meet, but I may be the most educated (28 years of schooling). I have degrees from five colleges including a doctor of medicine from University of South Alabama College of Medicine. At the time, I was the oldest person to ever go to medical school in the state of Alabama. I was 49. I have been married for 55 years – all to the same man. We have three adult sons and six grandchildren. We have lived in North English for 15 years.”

On Sunday, July 24, at 2:00 p.m., Dr. Barbara Brown, a psychiatrist, will be discussing and displaying some of her well-known doll collection at the English Valleys History Center.

She also adds this about her program, “I have a great many interests, including collecting antique dolls. I particularly like to repair dolls and make costumes for them that are appropriate to the time the doll was made. Personally, I do not find most dolls creepy. Supposing that creepiness lies in the eye of the beholder, I will present a variety of dolls of different styles, materials, and ages. The dolls will be from approximately 1830-1930 and will be made from papier mache, wood, bisque, and fabric. I will present a few dolls that even I think are creepy. Others are welcome to decide what they find creepy.”

The EV History Center is located at 108 N. Main Street in North English, and all are invited to attend this event at no charge. Donations are accepted.

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