COUNCIL: Newhall agenda for July 25

Newhall City Council
Monday, July 25, 2022, at 7:00 PM
Newhall City Hall Public Hearing
Investment Policy – published in the newspaper and posted in 3 places in town – recommendation by
attorney to adopt shorter version.
Call to Order Regular Meeting

  1. Roll Call – Campbell, Cross, Rinderknecht, Seeck, Wendel
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Public Forum
  4. Department Reports
    a. Public Works
    b. Mayor
    c. Council
    d. City Clerk
    e. Fire/First Resp.
    f. Parks
    g. Library
    h. Zoning
    i. BDG
    j. Benton County Landfill
  5. Approval of the following consent agenda items: Note: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time Council votes on the motion.
    a. Minutes From: July 11, 2022
    b. Bills List Totaling: $15,988.23
  6. Council Action
    a. First reading of resolution 07222022 of Investment Policy
    b. Quote from Hupfeld Inc. for 4 Trees cut down – $5700 (includes grinding stump and
    c. Stop Sign at the top of Main Street – stop sign is a black barrel with reflective tape placed around it.
    d. Culvert Maintenance Equipment Quotes
    e. Quotes for gutters at concession stand (east side) and main park pavilion (repairing a
    portion and replacing down spout).
    f. Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation to vacate alley in between 1st and 2nd
    Street and 5th and 6th Avenue – also what needs to occur going forward.
    g. Zoning Board of Adjustments – Fence between 507 and 501 4th Street. (Mike Rinhol and Ken Aubreya property)
    h. Painting Batting Cage Poles
    i. Gluing Batting Cage Carpet
  7. Adjourn
    *Pursuant to 21.4(2) of the Code of Iowa (2001), the City has the right to amend this agenda up until 24 hours before the posted meeting time.

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