Norway Council – February 13, 2023

February 13th, 2023

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Robby Miller, Karson Kuester. Present by Phone: Kevin Frese. Absent: Kelly Luedtke & Ron Miller.

Motion to accept agenda, minutes, & treasurer’s report presented made by Robby Miller and seconded by Karson
Kuester. Motion carried 3-0.

Due to no super majority being present, the FY24 Max Levy Public Hearing has been moved to March 13th, 2023, at 5pm at the Norway City Hall/Public Library.

Motion to reschedule the Max Levy Public Hearing for FY24 for March 13th at 5pm at the Norway City Hall/Public Library made by Robby Miller and seconded by Karson Kuester. Motion carried 3-0.

Norway City Council invited members from the Fire Department as well as members from the Library Board to be present at the meeting to discuss budget requests. Aaric Rust, Ben Tarvin, and Austin Rust were present from the Fire Department and discussed specific projected expenses including but not limited to construction costs, possible expenses for a generator, and basic operating expenses. Ashly Nelson, president of the library board was present, and the council also discussed specific projected expenses for the library including wages and library programs.

The Fire Station expansion was again discussed. Costs of project materials and estimates were presented by members of the fire department. The council discussed the next steps and specifics of the project to get the expansion going as soon as possible. Mayor Volz discussed updates on the new emergency siren. Specifics on location and installation are in the works.

Mayor Volz presented information to the council concerning unused city-owned equipment including a woodchipper and a tar sealer. The council discussed some options to get rid of the unused equipment.

Mayor Volz asked the council where they would like the funds from the sale of a lot on Sweetbriar Dr. to go. The council decided the funds should go into the Road fund. Motion to put funds from the sale of the lot on Sweetbriar dr. to be put into the Road fund made by Kuester and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried 3-0.

634 Evergreen St.’s water usage was discussed to determine if the water meter was malfunctioning or not. Further investigation will take place.

The 28E Agreement between the City of Norway and Benton County was discussed. County supervisors have approved and signed the agreement and the city has received the first payment from the county.

The Department of Natural Resources completed their 3-year water system inspection, and it was found that the City of Norway is in violation concerning not meeting the minimum standard for water pressure. The city will be required to take the necessary steps to bring the water pressure up to standard. This does affect fire hydrant pressure through out Norway as well as stalling new home builds. The city is preparing to correct these violations as quickly as possible and wants to assure the residents that this is a top priority.

Building on leased land is currently on hold. Grading and dirt work will be done first. The owners requesting this build are working with the city’s building inspector.

Mayor Volz is waiting for responses concerning grant requests for more trees and for a possible new generator(s).

Nuisance properties are being handled by the city attorney and the appropriate letters are being sent.

There are no current building permit requests.

Motion to adjourn at 6:35pm made by Robby Miller and seconded by Karson Kuester. Motion carried 3-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor
Kennedy Judkins, City Clerk


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