From the desk of the Mayor

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

By Dave Fish
Belle Plaine Mayor

Dear Citizens of Belle Plaine:
As noted in my last newsletter I have been struggling with some serious health issues. After 14 days at the University of Iowa flat on my back and three surgeries later I feel I’m on the way to recovery. I face one more surgery and then this should be behind me. I bring this up not to tell a story but just to explain that this newsletter will be shorter than normal, because I do not have the energy to spend at a computer and because being out of the office means I’m not necessarily up to date on the most current items.

Don’t panic we have a great city staff both in city hall and the boots on the ground plus the city council is hard working and Mayor Pro-temp Mary Pech knows what the job of Mayor is all about so you are in good hands. NUMBER ONE PRIORITY THIS TIME OF YEAR IS MAKE THE NEXT BUDGET WORK AND THEY ALL KNOW HOW TO GET THAT DONE!

THE BELLE PLAINE AMBULANCE SERVICE IS EQUAL TO OR BETTER THAN ANY OTHER GROUP OUT THERE. I have used them three times and this last time was even more serious than the other two. They handled the situation with the professionalism and skill that matches any other group I have been associated with. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM IN ALL OF THEIR FUND RAISERS. WE DO NOT REALLY KNOW HOW FORTUNATE WE ARE TO HAVE SUCH A FANTASTIC SERVICE RIGHT HERE IN BELLE PLAINE. In closing, I thank Elana Johnson and her crew for saving my life on this last episode. I could not even stand up let alone get on the gurney, but they got me loaded and by the time we got to the bottom of Brickyard Hill my pain was under control. I could never thank that particular crew enough but I know without them I was in a huge world of hurt. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SERVICE AND GIVE WHAT YOU CAN GIVE; THEY DESERVE IT AND WE NEED THEM AS A COMMUNITY.

Sometime in the next couple of months the Iowa Economic Development Authority will spend close to one million dollars in Benton County for economic development. Belle Plaine will be awarded a $475,000 grant. This will not cost the local taxpayers anything; the city government will be a pass thru account on this money. THANK YOU, KATE ROBERTSON AND THE BENTON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP. Just another item that with meeting attendance and hard work we can benefit from a wide source of grants. We will be using other grant sources to help us solve our water problems. Stay tuned for more details.

We will be putting out an RFP for garbage bids as this five-year Republic contract comes to an end. I was not at the meeting for this discussion but once I get back to work, I will bring you up to date. I know the council is working to save the citizens money!

I remind you that there will be different people during the regular week reading your water meters. If you have questions, please call city hall.

I will have details on our legal woes with WRH, Inc. over the final payment on the sewer plant but let me get back to work and have a discussion with our legal team!

It was a little tough to keep up with the local sports from a hospital bed so congratulations to the guys who made the state wrestling tournament and I did see where the guys gave Keota a battle in the tournaments. Let’s get out there and support the spring sports plus all the concerts, plays, speech kids and the robotics team. They deserve our support as much as the usual sports teams.



Mayor Dave Fish – March 2023


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