Norway City Council minutes – March 13, 2023

March 13th, 2023

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Ron Miller, Karson Kuester, Kevin Frese, Robby Miller, and Kelly Luedtke Absent: None

Motion to accept agenda, minutes, claims, & treasurer’s report presented made by K. Frese and seconded by Kuester. Motion carried 5-0.

Mayor Volz opened the FY 24 Max Tax Levy public hearing at 5:00pm. A resident who was present at the meeting asked for an explanation of property taxes. Council member Robby Miller asked for clarification on the percent of change. Hearing no other comments written or oral, Mayor Volz closed the FY24 Max Tax Levy public hearing at 5:07pm.

Motion Luedtke, seconded by Robby Miller to introduce resolution 23-01 approving maximum property tax dollars. Roll call: Aye-Luedtke, Robby Miller, Kevin Frese, Karson Kuester, and Ron Miller. Nay: None. Absent: None. Resolution 23-01 passes 5-0.

Nick Eisenbacher with Snyder & Associates was present to provide information and guidance concerning the pressure booster system that the city of Norway is required to install per the DNR. Until 2023, the pressure booster system was a suggestion, it has now become a requirement. Nick Eisenbacher helped to provide funding options to the city council including an SRF loan and/or grants that may be available so the city can move forward with this project. Nick Eisenbacher will be working with the city of Norway to create a project timeline to be submitted to the DNR. The pressure booster system would be an above ground system such as a pump house located next to the existing water tower. Reduction valves would go underground as necessary. Maintenance on the valves would be done annually. The city is continuing to work on getting this project started.

Jeni Haas with Boomerang Corp. was present to ask the council to release a partial amount of the retainage fee that was previously held by the city in order to ensure all work at the waste water treatment facility is completed. The work needing to be completed was work on leaking louvres and grading work. The leaking louvres have been fixed by Boomerang and the grading work is scheduled to be complete in the spring/early summer of 2023 when the ground has dried up. City council asked Boomerang for a timeline in writing of when the work will be done. When grading work is ongoing a city employee as well as an engineer from Snyder & Associates are to be present on site. Motion to approve releasing partial retainage to Boomerang in the amount of $44,200.00 made by K. Frese and seconded by K. Kuester. Motion carried 5-0.

Mayor Volz addressed the fire station expansion. Mayor Volz has been working to secure grants to fund this project. One requirement was to obtain a unique entity I.D. which has been done. The city is also searching for funding, such as grants, to relocate the emergency siren that has been acquired by the city which is currently installed north of HWY 30.

Mayor Volz asked the council again what should be done with the unused city owned tar sealer and woodchipper. Council member Robby Miller asked why these items were not being used. The answer to that provided by the public works director, Mike Miller, was that these two items do not get used enough and require maintenance. The council agrees to put those two items up for bid. Motion to sell the tar sealer and woodchipper made by Robby Miller and seconded by Luedtke. Motion carried 5-0.

634 Evergreen’s malfunctioning meter was again discussed. The homeowner’s verbalized that siding work was done on the home which caused the outside box to be removed. Up until 6 months after the siding work was complete the meter seemed to be in proper working order. Motion Luedtke, seconded by K. Frese to credit the utility account back for any usage over 1,500 gallons during the period of uncertain meter reads only. Motion carried 5-0.

Ordinance 335- Water Rates, has been tabled until the next meeting. The council asked for more information including specific figures within the water fund. The city will continue to study data to create the best water rates available to accomplish sustaining the water fund.

Council member Ron Miller left the meeting at 6:00pm.

Motion to approve the Depot Express liquor license renewal made by K. Frese and seconded by Kuester. Motion carried 4-0.

Motion to approve raising the ACH transaction limit from $10,000 to $12,000 made by Kuester and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried 4-0.

The 28E Agreement between the City of Norway and Benton County was discussed. County supervisors have approved and signed the agreement and the city has received the first payment from the county. This item will remain on future agendas until the city has received the signed copy from the county.

Building on leased land will be held off until the proper permits can be obtained by the property owners.

Mayor Volz presented two approved building permits which include 106 W Washington St to add a gravel driveway and 101 Bickel St to add steps with handicap access.

Nuisance properties are being handled by the court, the city’s attorney, and Mayor Volz. Mayor Volz has sent and will be sending letters to any properties who are in violation of the city code. The code of ordinances can be found at the web address: Or copies can be obtained, subject to a fee, at City Hall.

Public comments included concerns about parking regulations and street repairs. A member of the public verbalized plans to demolish and rebuild the building located at 200 E Railroad St.

Motion K. Frese seconded by Kuester for the city clerk to attend the emergency management symposium which will provide instruction on the legal roles city staff have should a disaster arise within the city. Motion carried 4-0. Motion by Robby Miller and seconded by K. Frese to set the FY24 Proposed Budget public hearing for April 10th, 2023 at 5:00pm at the Norway Public Library/City Hall. Motion carried 4-0.

Motion to adjourn at 7:16pm pm made by K. Frese and seconded by Karson Kuester. Motion carried 4-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor
Kennedy Judkins, City Clerk


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