Benton County Warranty Deeds, March 28 to March 31, 2023

March 28, 2023

Gloria E Evans conveys to Trenton, Weichel, real estate in Lots 6 and 7, Block 16, Tilford’s Second Addition to South Vinton, Vinton.

Shirley L Raabe conveys to Steven D and Donald W Kromminga, real estate in Section 15, Iowa Township.

Troy Smith conveys to Jason S and Kristin M Tapken, real estate in Lot 69, Patten Cedar River Access Third Addition.

March 30, 2023

Juanita Ann Schulte Estate conveys to Michael L and Mary Lou Myers, real estate in Parcel A, Section 14, Florence Township.

MRP Acquisitions LLC conveys to Jeremy and Stacy Koopman, real estate in Parcel A, Block 10, Griffin’s Addition, Vinton.

March 31, 2023

Arlene Carls conveys to Derek Maples, real estate in Block 15, WF Williams Addition, Vinton.

MRP Acquisitions LLC conveys to Craig A Schwartz Revocable Trust, real estate in Lot 1, Block 2, Boggs Addition, Vinton.

Lorena F Karr conveys to Jason M Karr, real estate in Parcel B, Section 2, Benton Township.


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