Land use change approved for retail dairy operation

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – A land use change for a dairy production store was approved at the Monday, March 27, meeting of the Benton County Board of Supervisors at the service conference room in Vinton.

Land use

A land use hearing was held for Austin and Jenna Schulte, for land in Section 32, Florence Township. Leading the hearing was Matt Even of the land use administrator’s office. The Schulte’s sought to change the use of land to allow for dairy production and sales on their existing dairy farm. This is about two miles south of Norway. Even pointed out the land use policy views dairy retail stores as a non-agricultural use, so they needed approval from the supervisors. A 1,600 square foot retail office building is planned, attached to a 9,600 square foot building used for processing and production. “It’s wonderful to see this type of thing going on in Benton County,” Supervisor Rick Primmer observed, and then motioned to approve the change, which was approved.

Approval was given to a farm exemption for Timothy Scheurs for land in Section 32, Leroy Township. Leading the hearing was Barb Greenlee of the land use administrator’s office. It is for a barn building with living space.

The board discussed the sanitarian/land use coordinator position, which was held by Marc Greenlee, who died earlier this month. Barb Greenlee said she assumed she will hold that role until somebody else is hired in both positions. It will also involve flood plain management. Benton County has nine people in a flood plain. No action was taken. The county will advertise for the position after working on the job description. Primmer thanked Even and Greenlee for taking charge.


Dr. Maggie Mangold, chair of the board of health, met with the board regarding the county board of health budget. They are looking at options for proceeding with a county-based board of health. Discussion included home health, wages compared to other counties, salaries, public health services, environmental health, office space, subcontracts, vaccinations, nurse vs. coordinator and staffing. A meeting is planned April 13. Benton County currently has a contract with Virginia Gay Hospital for public health. Area counties have moved from hospital-based to county-based health. They will come back with an official recommendation. Supervisors felt they could provide office space. They are also considering working with another county. They will meet again with the supervisors on April 18.

Other business

The board approved the certification required for the Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund (LATCF) annual report. This is part of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Benton County qualified because of its Native American population.

The board looked over the Historic Preservation Annual Report. The board felt this needed to go back to the preservation board because some information was missing. It was approved pending filling in the information.

A resolution was approved to enter into settlement agreements for second distribution from opioid defendants.

A letter of support was approved for the office of chief information officer (OCIO) invitation to Broadband Intervention Zone. It deals with broadband in rural areas.

They approved removing an ash tree at the service center for $1,100 due to its impact on the sidewalk.

A class C liquor license was approved for Traveling Tapster LLC.

March 27 Meeting


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