Appointments are made by supervisors

VINTON – It was the first meeting of a new calendar year for the Benton County Board of Supervisors, and the time for appointments, at the Thursday, Jan. 2, meeting of the supervisors.

The first item to be taken care of was who would be chair of the supervisors. The current chair, Richard Primmer, said he had asked Supervisor Tracy Seeman if he wanted to be chair, and Seeman declined. He then asked Supervisor Gary Bierschenk. “What’s the story? Do you want to do it again?” Bierschenk asked.

Primmer said he doesn’t have a problem doing it. He noted their the terms of Primmer and Bierschenk end this year, and it would be good for Seeman to get experience. They both plan to run again this fall. “It’s just for experience purposes,” Primmer explained. “I will continue,” said Primmer. “I just wanted to have equal opportunity.”

Bierschenk asked what was involved, and said he could do it, but coming up to Vinton once a week to sign papers is 50 hours a year. He said that’s a lot of time.

“I don’t have a problem. I’ll hang in here,” Primmer observed. He was looking ahead to November.

After discussion, the board chose Primmer as chair, and Bierschenk as vice chair. “Thank you … I think,” Primmer observed after the vote.

Other business

Supervisor meetings will continue at Tuesdays at 9 a.m.

Supervisor were appointed to various Benton County and regional boards.

Official newspapers are Cedar Valley Times, Star Press Union and Vinton Eagle. Bierschenk questioned having the Star Press Union, stating that people are not reading the paper anymore. He felt that the whole thing could be a waste of money.

Dawn Driscoll, candidate for state senate, visited with the board. She is from Williamsburg. She cited her work with the Farm Bureau as getting her interested in running for the office. Current State Senator Tim Kapucian is not running for reelection.

Appointments were also made for eminent domain, zoning, Belle Plaine and Vinton Airport Zoning Commission, Airport Board of Adjustment, Pioneer Cemetery Commission, Benton Development Group (BDG), integrated roadside management, benefited fire districts, ECICOG boards and committees, historic preservation board, health board, land use adjustment and conservation board. Myron Parizek was appointed as county engineer.

Josh Svoboda was approved as an equipment operator for secondary roads.

Bierschenk asked about rumble strips on county roads, stressing they need to make the roads as safe as they can. He pointed to a fatal accident on Highway 30 at the Blairstown corner. Parizek said intersections are reviewed after accidents.

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