Water usage restrictions in Belle Plaine are in effect as of noon today (June 17)

In reaction to well conditions the Belle Plaine City Council enacted water usage restrictions effective at noon today 6-17-21. Please conserve water in any way you can at both home & work. – Mayor Dave Fish.


WHEREAS, the City’s five shallow wells have not reached what the City Staff considers a safe & comfortable level.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BELLE PLAINE, IOWA, that the following outdoor water use restrictions are still in place for all its potable water customers and shall take effect immediately upon approval of this resolution and may be extended, rescinded or altered by the Mayor at any time as conditions dictate:

  1. All potable water customers are not allowed to water lawns, unless it is new sod which can be watered once per week during daylight hours.
  2. All potable water customers north of the railroad tracks may water gardens, flowers, and new trees (planted within the last three years) during daylight hours on Monday and Thursday.
  3. All potable water customers south of the railroad tracks may water gardens, flowers, and new trees (planted within the last three years) during daylight hours on Tuesday and Friday.
  4. No outdoor water usage on Saturday or Sunday.
  5. All motor vehicle washing, including watercraft and motorcycles, is prohibited at all times except for commercial car washes, commercial truck washes and service station facilities.
  6. All sidewalk, driveway, patio and/or parking lot washings are prohibited except to alleviate immediate health or fire hazards. You may fill your swimming pools.
  7. First time violators of the temporary outdoor water use restrictions outlined above, and as maybe altered in the future, will receive a verbal warning, a second violation will receive a written warning, a third violation and any and all violations thereafter will be addressed by the City Code of Ordinances.

Passed and approved the 26th day of July, 2012.
Updated by Mayor Dave Fish on April 25, 2013.
Updated by Mayor Dave Fish on August 26, 2013
Updated by Mayor Fish on 5/30/14.
Up dated by Mayor Fish on 6/11/14
Updated by City Council on 6/16/21 & put into effect on 6/17/21

Further water restrictions may be put into effect depending upon the weather.
Possibility exists of turning on Well #6.

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